The lobby "fix" confirmed what I suspected. This game is empty

thats because blizzard cant program to save their lives. They dont deserve your money. Just quit like the rest of us

There are currently 58 NL Hell games on my list at 9AM PST, and if I do individual searches, I’ll find even more, what you talking about man?

There are also 42 Ladder Normal games on my normal list, there are PLENTY of people playing.

Where are you located? US West, US East, Australia?

The servers are not setup like that anymore, All the US regions are one. You can prove that by searching for games and you’ll see some which show the ping is bad.

This proves that no one is playing, it also proves that you’re seeing literally ALL of the games happening period.

I suspected this was the case for a long time but now this ping and showing us all the active games proves it.

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The games list ONLY shows u public games and games that are not full. Ur not going to see private games.

Theres way more games than ur thinking there is. Ur basing it off of ONLY games u can see. Thats not going to give u the true number of games actually on ladder.

I can create a baal run game in private and u wont see it or beable to search for it. Its not public.

They sold 5 million copies of the game.

THat is less than a hand full of people that bought the game.

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Game isn’t empty, it’s the search feature that just doesn’t work.

It can’t find a game with the keyword “chaos” or “baal”
yet when i remove all filter, i see 2 chaos runs and a baal run in the list.

How did they fail a simple regex search. It’s mindblowing.

Not every game is public… not everybody wants to carry you.

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I was excited for the ww changes. Then I almost uninstalled, hoping they fix this mess.

It might be true that there are not soooo many games atm, yet in contrary stands then, why would people offer stuff on the internet to buy if they cannot sell it? If there are no games, there are not many players (yes lets say 50% play private games only), supply and demand…and it seems there is still a demand for it. It might be a different time zone, like maybe Asia has more players than NA.

The only positive thing you can say about botters etc, you can verify that there is still demand for items of a 20year old game…

It’s dead because they’re banning everyone all willy nilly. I smell a cash grab…

This is pretty much the only correct answer here.

If no one is playing, who are they selling to? You can look at trade sites and discords to see a more reliable count of the masses that are playing. All of the bigger ones are buzzing.

Yeah most people play softcore not hardcore.
This is normal d2 though it has a core audience, and it goes up and down.

Ladder is kind of dying down I’m sure people quit. The magic find event is a way to give people to a reason to play by again.

I think it’s a good idea idk if 50 mf is gonna do it though, but I also don’t want d2 ruined with crazy events either

Dont worry, the drop rate still sucks.

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Drop rates are fine. Don’t listen to BigJay…he’s just the resident troll of the forum. Just ignore him and his nonsense.


Im a long term resident too.

I bet you wish i was a cheater so they could ban me.

BUT IM NOt so get used to it. Im going to be here until they pull the plug or until MattFiror gets his teams crap together and re writes the ESO Server code to improve the Lag that plagues that games pvp.

Then i can just bounce back over there and play the PVP which is A billion times better than anything blizzard has ever made with the exception of the original D2LOD. But this game isnt even close to that. The gear in this game is only available for purchase on 3rd party websites, so you have to pay money to pvp over here.

Hopefully ESO can be saved. I dont have time for this lame pve game they got going on over here.

But Matt Already made the big announcement over there, so hopefully they got support and money to make it happen. I cant wait to go back to a pvp game.

I agree not many players left - I have known it for a long while now. Lobby is almost desolate and you can not sell ordinary gear, there are no players left to sell to. Whoever’s left still playing they have almost everything.

And there are plenty of other games to play, not just D3…

If that type of gameplay is what attracts those users, they can stay where they are… far, far, far away from this game.

Holy schnikes.

You do you, enjoy that offline /playersX command. I’ll be online with my friends.

Another day, another person pulling logistics out of their rear on a cursory scan of their experience, never mind this person wants huge drop rate increases. It’s not in their interest to say the game is dying so they can “get players back with better drop rates”. No, no.

Ladder is winding down. Obviously. Except unlike D3, it didn’t happen in 2 weeks.

Oh he’s still posting? I hadn’t noticed.

32 posts, whose alt account are you? What is your solution? Drop rate increases? PlayersX online? Blizzard magically shutting down D2jsp? I am curious.

That’s actually rhetorical, because I don’t want to hear a bunch of drivel about “purists” ruining the game.

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Im still here, But check this out, WHen this right here happens, Im going back to eso. So im stuck here for another year or so and if they get it right, blizzard just going to lose more people for games like this that support a PVP community.

"[ESO PvP Update [Updated June 2022]]

It’s long past time to give everyone an update on where we are with PvP improvements. As many of you know, we did a series of tests over the last year to give us more data. These tests were successful and gave us the information we needed. We now have a plan going forward - but heads up: it is going to take some time.

In short – just like we did for the client a year or so back when we introduced multithreaded rendering to increase client frame rates – we are going to rearchitect our server. The version of ESO in 2022 is many magnitudes larger and more complex than the ESO that launched in 2014. So, in order to give everyone a good play experience in high-intensity situations like PvP and Trials, we need to essentially rewrite some of the foundational server code to account for it. This should dramatically increase server performance, but obviously we will need to test and evaluate as we go along.

We’ve been planning this for the last quarter and we’re starting work on it right now. But, as you can imagine, changing the fundamentals of a huge live game such as ESO is a delicate and multi-stepped process, so expect this to take up much of 2022. Much of the early work is going to happen behind the scenes and we are definitely not going to rush it. A re-architecture of this magnitude will require the entire game to be re-tested and evaluated, as this particular code is the foundation on which the game is built. It will take tons of QA and testing time as well, and I’m sure that when the time comes, we’ll do as large a test as we can on the PTS.

In the meantime, we’ll consider additional ways to keep Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds interesting and exciting (for example, potentially special rulesets or weekend events) and will continue to work on bug fixes affecting combat, but we won’t be adding any new features to PvP until the work mentioned above is complete. Doing so would not only prolong the fixes we want to implement but would also exacerbate the issue of poor performance.

We completely understand the frustration many of you are feeling, especially with lack of information about our PvP plans. This was a huge decision to make and we needed to make sure we had exhausted all other possibilities before announcing this. Thanks for bearing with us, and we will give you periodic updates about the re-architecture progress over the course of the year."

and then im gone. Cant wait for PVP…

Most people playing are in password protected games, homie. Those don’t show up on the list. A lot of people just play from the main screen, as well. If you’re looking for people to play with or something, find streamer communities and Discords to join. I end up gaming with like 20 or so different people on any given day, doing 8-man private lobbies with people from wholesome D2 communities.

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