The amount of trans/NB hate is deeply troubling. Please act, Blizzard

This is quickly getting out of hand with the amount of trans/non-binary hate going on right now on these forums. Blizzard, I’m imploring you to please get on this and get some kind of damage control going. If you want to make these kinds of changes to promote inclusivity, you need to also weed out the hate speech going on.

And to all trans/non-binary and all LGBTQ+ people: I’m sorry you’ve had to read all this crap today. You don’t deserve this hate. You matter and your identity matters. As a straight, white, cishet male I want you to know that I’m behind you. You have my support. Please ignore the hateful manchildren who have nothing better to do than whine about a tiny, miniscule change that they won’t even notice.

Gamers rise up and stand against hate. We’re powerful together.


Why do “all trans/non-binary and all LGBTQ+ people” have to remove gender from established characters in a video game who do not even represent you as they are preconfigured and not meant to be representations of yourself. This whole thing is nuts and it has nothing to do with how people feel about “all trans/non-binary and all LGBTQ+ people”.



But my barb is still a boy and my assa a girl.

Since when is this offensive?


It’s not hateful to have your own perception of reality. Some people have religious beliefs that state man is man and woman is woman. Some people are analytical and science-oriented and will choose to identify gender as nature intended. Some people’s brain develops in a manner where their gender identity is not the same as nature physically assigned to them.

This is all fine. The hate comes in when one individual tells another that their idea is wrong, so both sides can easily be hateful in this sense. The only right answer is love and tolerance for all people, regardless of their perception of reality, end of story.


And nothing about that changed with this PTR update. A simple word was changed.

Right-wingers who have absolutely used the word “they” to refer to someone whos gender they were unaware of subconsciously sure do like to ignore the idea of “they” being gender neutral and thus encompassing everyone.

If the concept of “they” being a gender-neutral word is somehow forcing anything on you, it’s only the observance of basic grammar.

Trans people: Hey… uh, so… we exist.



Why do you call me like this? I’m pretty much on the opposite political spectrum.

But why would you call a male or a female “them” instead of “him”/“her” ?


Depends on the player playing them.

Generally subconsciously, or because you’re unaware of their gender.
When your gender selection is locked to two people, the game is not able to be aware of someone’s gender, so it makes more sense to default to “they” because it encompasses he, she, and everyone else regardless.
Would it have made more sense to simply make “they” a third option? Yeah, I think so. But this change still isn’t harmful in any way.


If you play Witcher as male, heterosexual Geralt of Rivia you don’t have to be male or heterosexual.

You also don´t need to identify as a Witcher IRL to play as one in a video game.


Are you seriously saying that the Pluralis Majestatis is something totally normal to use in everyday life?


Geralt is far more of an independent and developed character than any of the Diablo ones. Not to say they don’t have personalities and dialogue of their own, but it’s a lot easier to see the character as simply an extension of yourself that you can project your own aspects of yourself into.
People don’t generally NEED to share a lot of commonalities with their player character, but it also doesn’t hurt.

It’s interesting you are shaming people for being unattractive, something they generally cannot help. And at the same time trying to take a moral high ground on empathy of bodily self perception. It’s all such a farce. I find many people who gravitate to the left to be not only worse offenders of what they purport to fight against, but completely devoid of actual principle.


Forcing non binary pronouns on binary genders is also bigotry guys… how about an OPTION in settings so people can choose their ingame pronouns? Or hey I’d love to see female or even trans barb 3D model with and animations. But that would require a real investment not a token of code…


One thing, you say alt-right, but are we not individuals with all of our own experiences that have built us up into the current state that we are in in terms of how we think and feel. How can everyone be lumped into a group like “alt-right” when all of these variables that turn a person into what they are are so varied and random. Having said that I have used the term leftist alot. I will reflect on this.

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Being able to choose is the superior option, but “they” is also not an inherently non-binary pronoun. It still covers you even if you’re a he or a she.

Only in newspeak. This is not the case for the actual language of english according to every dictionary before such a social agenda.


The dictionary is not an authority of how words ought to be used. As I said in another thread: dictionaries are DEscriptive, not PREscriptive. Learn the difference. Use that dictionary you’ve got.

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