Thanks for the "Sunder" mechanic!

Dear D2R team:

I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the new “Sundered” mechanic with the unique charms. I think they need some minor adjusting, but overall I like them a lot. This makes the game a lot more fun for me and makes some endgame builds viable and fun for terror zone farming without the need for infinity, Finally a Javazon will have another endgame option instead of just farming Shenk, Pindle, Eldritch and Cows until getting two BER runes.

The game will be more open in endgame builds and places to farm. As a guy that has been playing Diablo 2 for 20 years, this is great news :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to next season!


Why didn’t you play some other builds in the meantime in order to get two ber runes and just grinded Javazon to death instead? :stuck_out_tongue: You really did not have to do that. You could have played Horker Barb, Cold Sorc, whatever. The other thing is, after you get 2 Ber runes you will still grind Cows and Baal again with the same Javazon, just faster. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can and I will!

But now I will have a new alternative in the form of this new mechanic!
The game will be more open in endgame builds and places to farm. As a guy that has been playing Diablo 2 for 20 years, this is great news :slight_smile:


I don’t see how it opens up anything instead of just buffing Javazon, Lightning Sorc and Cold sorc. :stuck_out_tongue: For me it sounds like you are just trolling. It’s just hard to believe for me someone can find farming cows for 20 years enjoyable.


Ikr, let’s make it so you can switch builds in between zones too, amirite? Accessible for all to farm gear that you don’t need for anything! Genius!

Surely that will captivate for years to come

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That is exactly the point. Now you can farm for gear you don’t need. Just get that one charm and then anything goes.

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It opens up the content for

  • Fire Druid (and Fire Claw Druid)
  • Poison Javelin Amazon
  • Fire Trap Assassin
  • Bowazons in general (Strafe/Mutishot, Fire and Cold will be able to clear more content
  • Poison Javelin Amazon
  • Rabies Druid
  • Barbarians have another option for dealing with physical inmunes besides Berserk and AmpDamage/Decrep procs

Sure, sorceress will get buffed, but “balance” doesn’t really affect the fun I have in a game that’s 99% a co-op or single player experience

You won’t be able to clear content with bowazon, because it’s a 5% damage buff (she does 5% of damage instead of 0% and you can’t bring it lower). :stuck_out_tongue: You won’t be strafing packs of physical immunes with 5% of your regular damage. It would take ages. Same with barbarian, but at the additional cost of taking 25% more damage, so you would have to stack a lot more life leech. So no, there is no alternative to Magic Arrow / Berserk, so physical builds are in the same place

Fire druid already has Stony Tomb and some other new 85 areas. And fire druid is Fire + Physical, so no issues there already

On the other hand, it’s 100% damage buff to cold sorc and lightning sorc (because you can cancel immunity with Sunder + Infinity Conviction aura - Sunder brings it to 95% then Infinity to near zero). So if you buff something that was already S tier by 100% and something that was D tier by 100% the gap widens immensely and favors the same best builds again. :stuck_out_tongue:

For Rabies it doesn’t change much, because the damage itself isn’t the primary issue in posion builds.

Fire trap - it doesn’t work for traps, because traps are ‘minions’, so their damage is not affected with ‘minus to enemy res’. Trapsins are left out, both fire and lightning. Just kicksin maybe, but they actually need those resistances (and sorcs not really).

So again, I don’t see how it opens up anything. :stuck_out_tongue: Just buffs the strongest builds.

Also co-op - less incentive to do that since you can clear everything by yourself.

For me it affects the game enjoyment, because I liked to come up with some builds that I found interesting and were able to overcome various immunes and situations (like making some specific melee sorc that uses Famine runeword, etc ), now there would be no point in that either. It just takes out some challenges from the game and makes it boring in the long run. Also favors just a few builds that were already really good.

I liked co-op because in a situation where I couldn’tt clear the game on my own, making a team with a player that uses a different build actually made sense. Now not as much.


What will they be searching for though?

Sunder charms WILL work with them, but other -% resistance gear won’t. I would like for it that to be fixed, though.

Physical Sunder Charm can be used in tandem with other skills. You can deal with enemies that don’t have their Phys Immunity removed by decrepify, and you can use Amp Damage (usually procced by Atma’s) to effectively reduce every monster’s physical resistance to -5% or less. It’s a nice option and compliments your gear in the endgame, The same applies to Throw Barbarians

Same with the above, it gives you another option to decrep and AmpDamage procs and even compliments them. I agree that the drawback of -25% physical resistance might be too much, so I hope it gets toned down (I’m giving my PTR feedback for that)

So? I don’t care about those builds, and probably those charms will be as valuable as the runes needed for an infinity (or even more) so it will probably only be an Endgame option for them, In the same vein as Torch prices, they will be low priced and benefit builds and classes that are outside the meta.

Besides, I don’t really play meta builds. If they get buffed, more power to them, but giving more gameplay choices to players in the endgame is a bearable consecuence for me.

But being able to kill poison inmunes is. A Sunder Charm with a Plague weapon could be a lot more competitive for a Rabies Druid.

Now you can do it because it is FUN to do so.

despite the fact that I hate having to wait for s1 to end too long, I like that i’ll finally be able to to play a rabies druid. It only took 20years to make 1 build viable, id say we’re on the right track now.


Sunder Poison ll change nothing for Rabies Druid. You have 20 poitns in Rabies and 20 points in its synergy. You have 70 points to deal with poison immunities. You just dont have enought synergys like a sorc that could dump 100 points in a Blizzard Core build or Fireball/Meteor Core. Same with an Ice Arrow Bowazon, 20 points on the Freezing Arrow and 20 points in its synergy for max damage, 70 points left to deal with immunities and not even 25% a Sorc full synergized damage.
And guess what? Fire Claw Druid even full synergized only does 10k damage, when Sorcs fireballs are doing 20k AoE.
Who are those mad people that want to ‘‘have fun’’ with these builds when you could literally melt the game with one button? And without the need of Enigma because their even have teleport.
Nice game balances.

If your way of having fun is to zone out and plow through content, then more power to you. I liked playing this season with most of the new builds made viable by the 2.4 patch, and if I get the runes for a “Plague” runeword I’ll probably try a rabies druid with a poison sunder charm.

The charm is trash for Barbs. Saying there is now “another option than Berserk” is laughable. Even as a 1 point wonder, Berserk absolutely destroys phys immunes easily and quickly.

Even for a Singer barb, all it takes is 1 point in sword mastery, 1 point in berserk, and a Grief/Shield+ias jewel on weapon swap to easily kill phys immunes.

If Berserk didn’t exist, then the charm could be useful. But in a world where it does exist, the charm is garbage-tier for Barbs.


“You just need a Grief bro”


You seem to be missing the point entirely. You can actually play the build you want to play now without having to make something to farm for the one you really actually want to play.

RIP build diversity now.
You can play any build, but why do you ll ever play underperforming classes when you could have so much fun speedclearing stuff and dropping those high runes with the beloved sorc?

But I never wanted to just play the build. Most of the enjoyment from the game I had from overcoming such obstacles and builds were just a means to that end. So now that part of the game is gone for me (it really feels like they just took away content and challenge from the game). Just making a build and killing stuff is boring for me. :smiley: So try to understand someone, don’t just say I’m missing the point of something because I have a different perspective.

I was playing like this: “ok, I will start with summon necro and cold sorc because they need no gear, then I farmed Mephi with cold sorc and traded the gear up, then I got Grief and made a Trav Horker, I dropped some light facet and Jah there, traded some stuff up and made an Enigma, then I made a FOH paladin to farm fast and jump around, then I found some runes, came back to summon necro with a Beast and Enigma, found some more stuff, made Faith, created a Bowazon”, etc etc. Now I could have just stopped at Cold Sorc and achieve the same things - boring

edit: just in case I will say this - no I don’t want to play LoD, I don’t want to drop Sunder Charms on the ground and ignore them, I am not a purist, I DO want the game to change and progress and fire builds to be better (just solve this differently) xD I want to play the optimal strategy, I just want the optimal play to be different

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