Thanks for information

I’ve just read the information about servers issue :

I’m still a bit disappointed with my gaming experience since the launch of D2R, but I would like to say that I greatly appreciate to get this kind of information, which makes me remember how computer science can sometimes be hard to predict (being myself a developper :wink:).

I still think that a big company like Blizzard should be able to handle this kind of things (i.e hundreds of thousands connections) due to its experience, but I also wish some good luck to developpers.
Even if I’m a client (who paid for this service :innocent:), I thank you for your work and for next efforts to provide, again.

Many players and games in D2R is good news, so I hope that all will be perfect in a few weeks or months… but not years, we’re old already ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: