Thank you for all the proposed the changes

I have a wife and 7 kids, I am a working class man and I don’t have time to play D2. Finally thanks to Sunder Charms I will be able to play all the builds and come back to the game.

Please also remove negative resistances from Sunder Charms, because I don’t have time to find resistances gear. Also please lower the required level to 45 because I don’t have time to grind to 75. This will make the game even more fun. Also please make it lower the resistances to 10% instead of 95%, so I can finally try out Javazon and won’t have to farm Griffons.

I do not have time to grind 20 years to get Infinity, not everyone is a pro player. Please increase rune drop rates (also if someone has more runes / better gear than me pls change that, also pls nerf Enigma - it’s overused), so normal players can have fun with more runewords.

Please also nerf Hammerdins because they are OP and farm too fast.

Thank you for Terror Zones, but please increase the XP gains and drop rates. I love the idea of rifts in Diablo 2, so we can know what we should farm at the given moment and not make decisions so we can focus on fun.

Nobody plays Hardcore or PvP, so please don’t listen to them, those are just childish malcontents who do not want the game to progress. Changes are always good.

Whoever disagrees with me, please go play LoD, the game is waiting for you, or just drop Sunder Charm on the ground and do not use them. The next season will be so much better without players like you. Finally normal players who have jobs and families will be able to enjoy the game. People who played the game a lot and see some issues do not represent normal people that want to have some fun.

Can’t wait for all the fun I will have, please increase character slots so I can try out all the builds!

Also please let me know when the ladder is going to start at least a month in advance, I am responsible and I need to plan my job leave to play the game and start leveling my Cold Sorc!

Gotta go, my five sons want to use the computer!

Thank you for improving the game so much and bringing the community together!


I don’t have time to play the game so please break it for other players. It’ll be so much fun. I want to have fun. But I don’t have time.

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