Terror Zones ladder only?

Bro i just want to level my non-ladders chars to 99 and have some fun without the need to leveling and getting gear but they just cant let us…

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So is this their final statement? No TZ in NL? I think they are pushing towards the same direction as with D3. Players shall go for Ladder/Seasons. Sad to see that Blizzard is killing Diablo. I got no hope left for D4.

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I think that it’s obvious new features are going to be Ladder only when introduced. That’s been D2 tradition for a long time.

The real question is if the new feature becomes non-ladder after the first ladder season. That’s also D2 tradition.

So I think Terror Zones being ladder only for season 2 is only to be expected. There is a real decent chance they will become non-ladder in season 3 though.

yea i wont even give d4 a chance bro

ya only thing is they said patch 2.5 would be applied to the live severs after PTR and a week or two after that we get ladder reset.

so there will be TZ on live servers soon, before S2 starts…

to me this new TZ and other changes will come to D2 ( ladder and non ladder ) next week.

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wrong. tzs will be ladder only.


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So if want to hit 99 and wont make it before s2 ends, is over. Sad.

Would be very strange if they gave access to TZs for 1-2 weeks to S1 players/ characters and then take it away. Pretty sure TZs will be NL too

he was talking about how it wont be on SP at first, and probably ment to say that TZ is online only coming out on S2.
if TZ is not on LN then what LN will be running a different patch? if its not Automaticaly put on NL it will most likly come to NL soon after.
they are also putting this on SP soon after S2 Ladder, idk why they would put TZ in SP and Ladder but not non ladder.

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Please add terror zones in non ladder too. I only play non ladder.


this sucks bad for me, i only play ladder when i really dig into this game. i was just getting pumped, but i guess i am not allowed to have fun. i feel like s* now

I mostly play non ladder, please give us the terror zones too.

lol I’ve got a family now, so time is more limited now a days.


We all do have a family now and i hope they give TZs for non-ladder aswell my friend.


this really needs to be coming to non ladder as well.
most of the people playing d2r have family/responsibility now.
we are not young bucks who has nothing to do but gaming.
i wont be surprised if people quit d2r outright if they get treated as second class citizens.
hopefully blizzard makes the right decision.

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People need to stop crying the blues that they have familys now. You think when this game first came out only young people played it? Were older people with all those things not playing?

If you are such a grown up then act like it. Put your big boy pants on and stop acting like your own child throwing a tantrum becuase you arent getting what you want.

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hey kid, if you dont play non ladder then this doesnt concern you, go troll somewhere else

There are currently TERROR ZONES available in No-Ladder
Create a game and check if out for yourself

Terror Zones confirmed in NL.
Happy everyone? I know I am…


So Far Yes…Ladder Only

Dude…I am literally ingame playing on NL in Terrorized Glacial Trail…trying to hork myself some sunder charms…

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