Switch Players 8 toggle option needed, please

Playing single player or solo online needs to have a player8 option/toggle. This is a major part of D2 and not including it drastically changes the game from what it used to be.

Players8 allows people to play solo and increase the loot drop rate as if 8 (4 on switch) people were in the room. Without it, console games solo would require TONS more grinding with lower chances. This hurts the integrity of the game, on console, lacking such a feature

Please add some type of toggle option that we can use on switch (and other consoles) so we can increase the loot drop rate while playing solo as if the room was full.

For switch, you would have to figure out how to make a 4 man room have the same drop chance of an 8 player room. As i said, this is a major feature, and should not be ignored. Please, any feedback would be appreciated!

Thank you for your hard work


D2 isn’t available on the Switch, so perhaps you should post this in the forums for the game you are talking about.