Switch "Login Queue patch" still showing login error message

as title, there is no login queue system in this new patch so still can’t play the game, ridiculous
“An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.”


Same how can fix this?

Wait for the next patch next week.

you are right, I found that the patch today is not the “login queue patch”… it’s the prior patch to “login queue patch”.
so we need to wait a few days to get the patch of queue system

I’ve been online for the 2 days without issue. The game works for some but it seems random. Keep trying to log in at different times.

Same here get the patch change nothing. My friend was not even able to connect in the last 48h. ( i was yesterday at midnight ) why not just get better server ? Lol

Hey there all,

RyanQQ has the correct information here. The patch you are all on is the one with character deletion improvements which was originally released on October 12 for PC. Because patches have to go through an approval processes to go on any console, the patches are delayed when we are working with consoles.

The patch with the login queue system is waiting for approval through Nintendo. After it clears that process, the game will request an update for online play and then queue you any time there is an issue. That patch version’s notes are here:

Keep in mind that we don’t believe that the queue is a “Fix” for the core problem, it’s just a work around for very high traffic times which cause server stability issues. We’re still working on the problems which cause the queues in the first place. More info at this thread.

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Switch doesn’t work at all since last patch. This ain’t about the queue


That’s a different issue, and should be already fixed. There was a temporary issue several hours ago where the logins failed after the Switch patch but we had some people look into it and it should be resolved now. I’d just make sure you’re on the latest patch and keep trying back every hour or so. You should get back in once the server issues clear up.

Doesn’t matter already refunded. Blizzard dropped the ball hard on this.

I can’t believe how bad blizzard dropped the ball here. How is it ok to release a patch that requires a server side change to allow login and everyone couldn’t play for a day???

This is not the feedback forum. If you have feedback you can post it in #general-discussion. Please keep in mind that the tech forums are used for tech troubleshooting and keeping people appraised of situations as they evolve. We can’t speak for the company or take/deliver feedback for you as we don’t work directly with the developers.

I definitely understand the frustration and we also agree that this launch has been rocky, which is why we’re working to improve things. Beyond that, all I can do is provide the information we have access to. In this case, the OP had a question about the patch that many players had - why they didn’t have the queuing system yet. The information on why that is is at this post.

You are aware that we are here in the console forums. Most people here ‘do not own the game’ according to Blizz’ understanding and therefore are not allowed to post there. :roll_eyes:

Good joke lol


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