Summoning Druid 'agro'

Is there an ‘agro’ priority in any of the Druid summons? i.e. is the Bear considered a higher priority target than the wolves or the player?

A Necy’s fire golem has the highest agro priority such that he is always the preferred target when he is on the field. I’m wondering if Druid summons have a similar priority target?

I don’t know the math, or the coding, but I played Summons Druid a lot over the last 5-6 months, hardly making me an expert.
I have never seen monsters target the Grizzly… he can go for a stroll whenever he pleases, and often does.
The Dire Wolves take the Grizzlies lead, and will also wonder off, they are a little more loyal tho, so, it’s not as often.
From what I read, Ravens are unable to be targeted, and, the game plays that way for me.
I’m not sure that monsters prioritize the Spirit Wolf - as much as the Spirit Wolves seem to be the most aggressive (or, protective, if you want to “play”).
In my experience they keep up with the character best, and are more often than not the first to charge after monsters.

I will say, monsters will often run straight past me (and my Merc), to attack the Zoo.

I have also noticed that sometimes the Wolves will just hang back behind me “doing nothing”… most times, if I head towards them, there are monsters in that direction off screen… and sometimes the monsters come strolling in from off screen and the wolves that were holding back, can fend the monsters off long enough you to redirect the Zoo back to finish the job.

Did you make (are you making) a Zoo for ladder?
I’m on the fence as to whether I want to go down that road or not.

Goodness, I do ramble.

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I like the idea of a ‘wolf pack’ druid, Werewolf with a bunch of Dire or Spirit wolves to run along with him. I had one a few seasons ago but it died to a trapped portal. I know the wolves won’t be doing that much direct damage so I was curious if the ‘group’ would get the damage up there with a thorns merc/Rouge with Edge, for a time.

As summons take 4X the damage from bosses, if the wolves are the ‘priority’ agro for a boss and not the player, this significantly increases the damage to the boss. I ran a P-Nova necy a few seasons ago and used Fire Golem and a thorns merc. Bosses are always a problem for poison necy’s but with that combo bosses melted as the Fire Golem is an agro magnet. Bosses always target the Fire Golem.

I’ll be making a melee char this season after my ‘main farmer’ is up and going. I’m still deciding if I go Zealot, WW Druid or go crazy and make a SpearaZon.

I have read others saying the Zoo works well with Thorns, but, I have never played with that. Makes me really want to now that you mention it tho.

In my experience, all the Boss’s target/prioritize the Zoo over the player.
For Baal and especially DClone, the zoo will get eliminated with ease/abruptness unless you have Oak Sage up and running at a decent level. Even with Oak up, it gets to be a race of casting Zoo replacements… with Baal and especially DClone… so much so, it made me put a few points into WW and find a decent crushing blow weapon to help out.

I have a couple Zealot based builds that a really enjoy, a WW build that is an absolute monster… and been thinking about a SpearaZon… but know nothing about her… I rarely see any of those characters in public games.
Good luck.