Summoner issues

How do I get pass all the immune on hell lvl? I have lost all my cash from npc follower dying so easy. Literately like 30 minutes fighting one group and if they there is more then one spawn-er or enemy’s it is impossible to do any damage to them. What do I buff to get passed this? Its like a dead end…not sure I even want to play anymore its so ridiculous to be completely immune to all my attacks. Help! any ideas? TY for any info

Need to probably try and get a reapers toll for your merc to help remove physical immunity. Or just change to elemental dru and just cake walk thru hell.
I might have an extra reapers toll on a mule I can give ya btag is lucleb#1895 (non ladder)

act 5 merc with Lawbringer is going to give your pets the best immune breaker and he’ll never die.

if you can find a usable amplify damage proc/cast item/weapon then use that until you can manage Lawbringer.

eth reapers toll is better for non undeads non immunes

If you are playing a summon druid then you are running basically 2 damage types. I am assuming you are doing 20 spirit wolf, 20 dire wolf, 20 bear and whatever else you want for your skill points. The bear and dire wolf are physical damage and the spirit wolves are cold damage. If you are stuggling with immune to physicals, then you need to let the spirit wolves do their job. Focus on building up +skill equipment to boost their levels, you will need 20 levesl in spirit wolf and 20 levels in bear increase their damage through it’s synergy.

Synergies work different with summoning than other skills. For example if you are a zeal paladin and you put points into sacrifice to bost zeal’s physical damage. If you get both skills to level 30 through +skill equiment, then zeal get’s boosted, but you only get synergies for the 20 hard skill points you put into sacrifice. The druids summons work different they get synergies from all your +skill equipent. So, if you have level 30 levels of bear with +skills included then your spirit wolves do +300% damage. So, get a spirit sword and shield, +2 druid or summon skills aumulet, jalals main, a druid torch and some +skill armor. This will get your spirit wolves doing 550 to 600 cold damage to help tackle the immune to physical.

Also, adding a third element can help. I do this by running a Act 3 fire merc. This adds a fire attack from your merc to your summons physical and cold damage. The enchant skill he has will also give all of your wolves and bear an extra 300% attack rating and add 250 to 300 fire damage to each of their attacks if you get him some +skills equipment. Any +1 skills armor, an entheral spirit monarch, a +skills hat (lore is cheat at ort + sol) and a hexfire shamshir can relly boost his abilites.

Likewise, you can suppliment you group with something like lawbringer or azerwrath for a sanctuary aura. This will completely remove all the physical resistance and immunity from any undead monster in the game. Good stuff, it just takes some planning.

Also, I don’t know the rest of your build. Even if you are a pure summoner spending skill point in were bear or were wolf along with one in lycanthropy can really bust your personal health pool even if you are not looking to attack monsters yourself. Likewise a few points in oak sage can keep you and your summons alive a lot longer.

Before i got hold of a toll reaper i was using the act 3 merc with fire and enchant it took out physical immunites with ease and was always out of harms way, downside when you come across fire immunes he slowed down to halt.