Summoner A2 Merc Weapon Question

Hey everyone, new to the class, had my HC hammerdin non-ladder RIP at hell pindle from stupidly letting pindle’s buddies tag-team charge me and figured i would try ladder with a class i’m not used to (still HC).

My question is, i just found a Blackleach Blade which is a big upgrade for my merc, but it has the weaken effect. Should i not use this because it will keep overriding my curses as my merc fights?

Blackleach Blade - 100-140 ED

Insight - 200-260 ED

Sure I’m not getting to the other mods…

While you found a nice weapon for a mid level merc, you just can’t beat insight until you get to the really high end weapons. Basically you can make a better weapon.

Thanks for the response, yeah, i don’t have the runes yet (though i know they’d be easy enough to farm) for insight or the proper base, i’m just curious if i can use this in the meantime or whether the 5% Chance To Cast Level 5 [Weaken] On Striking is going to overwrite my curses

Sure, if you have nothing else. But as has been said, Insight will be better.

It will overwrite. However, that’s only 5%, and you can overwrite it back easily if it’ll happen.