Summon druid and sunder charm

Would the new charms make the summon druid a little better or is it to small of a change.

It won’t affect summons / traps

Since this has been patched, it might be worth it taking a look at it again.

works with summon druid. the charm is ok. I mean the physical just doesn’t work as good as elemental charms. it will make things die faster to your zoo though. But if you are already using something like an amp damage or decrepify it won’t really be that noticeable.

I personally think they should make a summon style charm as well that buffs summoned minions or mercs. The physical damage one is more for strictly physical style melee builds.

If you have the charm and amp damage/decrep it’s really noticeable. Breaking immunity with charm makes amp damage work at full effectiveness.

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Twisted summon grand charm
Summons deal double damage, but they also recive double damage.

Could be cool!

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