Suggestion for two-handed weapon

everyone use griefs and people are either dual wielded, or grief and shield (bvb). Almost nobody uses two-handed weps as they are known to be ineffective, and slower.
My suggestion is to make the two-handed weapon to at least work better against “block rate , or fast block rate” of the other player or monsters. This way it can add some more motivation to use two handed weapons such as colossus blade, also increases some chance to win in barb vs barb if someone is wearing shield.
If you think about real world, or physical dimension, it also makes sense that a giant sword would give more damage against enemy who is equipping shield.
There are ppl like me (very few or almost zero) who like the two handed style even if it is slower, because it looks cool and does more damage. There’s way too much grief users. This needs to be balanced. Just a slightly more advantage on the two-handed weapon style, that’s all i am asking. Not asking to nerf the grief, that would destroy the market and I wouldn’t like that neither.

the fix for 2 hander is very simple , just look sword

1 hand and 2 hand need the same ias speed , already is the rule for sword and this cause any issue , is got no reason to dont do this too fix 2 hander , also 2xtime 1 hand will still make more dps and still have more option with holding dps or def shield , but at least 2 hander will be playable vs to be useless

sadly dev are to bad because the lack of knowledge and incompetence in the game