Still seeking assist for Uber Trist(Ladder)

anyone ? 1 week later since my previous thread for the ubers* XD(can’t bump it unfortunetly)

edit: finished…thx again…imma have to do nother farm session on keys on the downside since not a pal torch XD…take forever walking with pally

well i’am happy…stats and resist gain…less dying to conviction//might//fana aura auras when mfing

edit 2: Minne: the walking thing was for key farming…uber case was a dps issue(too low hammers dmg(8.5k)…minimum hammer dmg for ubers solo is 13k + resists covered)

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You still need help on Ladder?

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ya, can we meet in inferno-64/////64 ?

Just use a Naj staff on switch side to teleport your smiter to Izzy and Lilith.