"stash and inventory space is limited because

Who are you again to tell me how I am to play the game?

Fact is: 20 years ago I made a mules to hoard my stuff and today I can’t. That’s all there is to it. My mules are not full of “trash” mind you, some of us have a ton of crafting material, good charms, high level runes, socketetable items that we want to keep.

No there’s a new engine running it, it’s just an engine that can support old games. The kind of graphics you have right now could not be possible on the old engine.

I never told you how to play the game your the one that asked me about runes, jewels, and sets and uniques you didn’t like my answer so your now throwing a hissy fit. I only pointed out not everyone hordes everything they find

You can get gems for crafting fairly easy keep a small amount on hand and get more as needed. again do what you want but you don’t need to horde and not everyone does.

I never asked you about runes jewels and uniques, I said that’s hardly trash items, read the conversation again.

Yet, you told me several times how I should do things, what I should keep ect… aka how to play the game, I never asked you , you just assumed from the getgo that your way of playing the game was the only correct way there is.

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Can’t quote it for some reason but the first line after “Why is this happening”

So maybe they changed some stuff, but not enough to have the game in a state fit for release.

No I said how I do things not how you do/should do things. then you made some claim about some mod then asked me why my way was the “correct” way and I said “because I don’t need a mod for it”

They talked about the new engine a while back, it’s was built to handle the old codes from classic games and Vicarious used it to improve the game’s graphics and features. There were multiple attempts by modders to improve graphics using the old engine and they all failed to make something much better than what we had before.

I would argue that a desire to keep a collection isn’t seen as garbage… If I collect every set in the game I’ve filled at least 2 mules minimal… also who cares? How many PlugY players are there??? Clearly it was a wanted thing… There’s a tick mark under settings for old classic if you want that too… We want more space stop asking us to give up and you just don’t use the extra space lol…

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Then I guess that you’d be okay with more tabs in the stash and an inventory for your charms. Just play your way and don’t use it. Why are you guys arguing then?

Sure I don’t care if they add more stash space just don’t lie and say everyone hordes. Tho the charm inventory I would be against charms are trade off between power and inventory space.

Was about to answer you again but that’s a waste of time I could spend hoarding my items.

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That’s what they said.
They also said D2R was ready for release.
And I bet modders would have had this game working already, but instead of making good games Blizz takes all the money from their turds and sues anyone into oblivion who tries to run their own servers.
You know classic wow only exists because nostalrius was killing it, and Blizz had to release classic wow because they couldn’t shut them down with out offering classic as a service. You see because classic wow is a legally arguably different game than retail, notralius wasn’t actually hurting Blizzard as a business, because at the time Blizzard didn’t sell classic. Its why nintendo keeps copies of Red and Blue on their store, you can’t shut down rom site for games that are no longer for sale by publisher.

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I actually wish the shared stash was smaller and personal stash was bigger. Flip the ratio from 1 personal/3 shared to 3 personal/1 shared.


Yep, that would work as well.

23 stashes (assuming no offline character) is a lot of space. Some y’all need to go drop half that junk in a random noob game.

It isn’t really because not all characters are mules.

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i’d sure hope not because if you had 1 character why would you need 19 mules of gear…

Thats a big problem with a lot of the old fans of this game. They think that the limitations of the time are some form of feature. Also, when D2 came out there were no runewords, so you didnt keep a bunch of tals,rals and whatever. Its is truly dated and needs an upgrade

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Let’s take it the other way around: let’s say you make only 1 character of each class (which is already limiting) that’s 5, then 1 mule for uniques, 1 mule for sets, 1 mule for pure gems and jewels, 1 mule for runes, 1 mule for items with sockets … not even gonna mention leveling items because it seems these are the worst trash and you need to leave them lying on the ground or the good rares you want to keep for trade / later use.

God forbid you wanted to make 1 or 2 offline characters because of server issues … yea, that’s not that much.