Some skills occasionally fail to cast in the PTR

Battle Command/Orders (from CTA, on a barb they seem to work normally) seem to fail to cast sometimes, your character performs the casting animation but there’s no sound or visual effect.

See these two videos for a visual demonstration, it happens in both D2R graphics and Legacy graphics.

It also happens to Raven, sometimes it’ll fail to summon a new raven (you can see whenever it’s successful a new raven spawns and the old one disappears, when it fails neither happens).

I think it could be potentially be related to this other bug somehow:

It seems this bug is active from the start of the game, I tried restarting D2R but the failed casts still occur after the restart.

It doesn’t matter if I’m holding down the hotkey or pressing the hotkey one at a time. It also doesn’t matter if I’m using a hotkey or setting it to right click, it still fails to cast.

It’s not affected by casting speed, I removed my Spirit and my speed decreased by 2 frames but it still occurred.

I tested this in the live version of D2R and had no such issue, so this seems to be a new bug with the PTR. This was also in single player so it can’t be an issue with ping or latency.

Still happening in the second 2.5 PTR, this is a fairly major annoyance for summon druids.

I have a “ritual” where I summon everything at the start of a game and if something fails to summon then I have to go back and recast it, completely throws off my rhythm. This also goes for anytime I’m resummoning Ravens in combat.

^ This is also still an issue which can be quite annoying. I like to teleport + shapeshift to lay down Shockwaves, it also throws my rhythm off if I get the failed unshift.