Some nerdy Questions

I found a magic Monarch this season with +30% faster block, 20% increased block chance, which if I am not mistaken is a pricey PvP item, except realistically there are no buyers for it.

Is it worth keeping. Does Larzuk give it max sockets or 1 to 4 for magic items? Maybe I could make like a +20%+20% fire or light damage shield with it for myself?

Also for traps. I know that Griffin damage amp and lower res does nothing for it, but I am confused because you still see the damage increase on the skill, so it goes up on the icon but does not add damage to traps?

For the Whirlwind with Immortal King hammer, does the attack speed matter for that skill (I heard yes and no)


the monarch is useless, larzuk can only 1 or 2 sock a magic item, magic items to get more sockets can only be dropped by monsters or shopped at a vendor, for example, i was really lucky enough to come across ‘‘jewellers ward of deflecting’’ at a vendor last week, which is 30-20- 4s… however 30-20 magic shields cannot roll higher than 2s at larzuk

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