So they will keep queue forever?

Depends on this announce, it sounds more like they will keep queue system for D2R forever.

I am not so server person but I do not think this is the solution for this crisis.
They should invest more for servers and game itself.


Many online games have queues, we just don’t encounter them often because it takes so many players logging in at once for them to trigger in normal circumstances, so I do believe it is permanent, however they’re going to be increasing the maximum amount of players steadily as they fix the multitude of issues affecting the servers currently so eventually when everything is completely fixed you most likely will never be queueing up unless there is an exceptionally large amount of players trying to log in at the same time


OMG there is someone defending queues.
Where is this world going


Good to hear it. Thanks Elm!

just answering a question :slight_smile:

queues are my fav part of the game! The anticipation is so sensual!

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Just answering a question?

Most games have queues?
No they don’t. they have matchmaking and literally no queues for no matchmaking games.

It is not normal and hopefully not permanent, because if they don’t fix it this will be the last crap they release of a company going down


no problem, all that said though who knows how long it will take until everything is fixed, they did say it wasn’t “just one issue” so it’s anyone’s guess really

He meant the queues are implemented in the game’s code in case there are too many people playing, not that the queues are forced on everyone all the time. You simply don’t see them because the servers never get to that point.

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changed it from “most” to “many” happy? of course not

i’m fine if this is the last game they release, diablo4 just looks like more diablo3. This is the only blizzard game i’ve ever owned/played besides the original d2 (apart from diablo 3 and we all know how that turned out)

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Start my Queue today from 467 for 30mins waiting before I see my character and then … I got kicked out when I press create game … Queue from 424 again .

Thanks Blizzard ! you make me time for other stuffs but DR2, Cheers !


Authentication is a bottleneck. Wow had queues for hours before sharding. It’s quick fix for now. Blizzard works on long term solution. It has to do with how they use regional and global database. Global database is a bottleneck. It’s because they use a lot of original D2 code.

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I hope they are truly working on the issue. After gaming many years, I’ve become skeptical of all these companies as issues like this tend to get sidetracked indefinitely. In this case, I sure hope they aren’t figuring:

“well, people are piling on the game right now but in 5 months the playerbase will be low enough so this issue will fix itself”


This, and exactly this, i actually believe are very highly likely.

But, someone around here made a bold claim, that in one month, all these issues will be fixed and no one will be talking about it.

So i bookmarked, custom dated that post. We shall see,

It’s already been one month. One more to go.

“We’re working on the issue” can be compared to when a woman says “I’ll let you know”

It means no.

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same, hopefully they’re really working on it and not just blowing smoke to keep the outrage to a minimum (which isn;t really working anyway)

YES! The Queue is the ONLY FIX Coming.

There will be NOTHING ELSE done.

They had budgeted their server capacity and then oversold. OPPS!

It is our problem; you cannot expect just because you have time to play online to just open your game and be able to do so.

This will sort itself out as more people abandon the game, and then the playing community fits better to what they had originally spent.

They will sell as many copies that they can, as one has nothing to do with the other to them.

Get used to the Queues for ANY time to play morning EST (3:00 and onward)


What a waste of 3 copies, after being DENIED a Refund on all of them.

My parting gift for Blizzard, and Insight after they rebrand as they murdered their own company’s reputation: tinyurlDOTcom/38n3sbf3

The short answer is that they have a constrained resource (the legacy code) that cannot be scaled up well without rewriting it so they have to use the queue in front to manage access to this resource in order to have a more stable gaming experience. While the queue will always remain, Blizzard will replace the constrained resource with one that scales. However this cannot be written in a day so you’ll have to be patient.

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Accurate I think. The Queue is likely going to remain as a safety net, but once they fix the Global Database to handle the modern scale of traffic/data, we should not see the Queue anymore.

If they could just throw hardware at it, that would be nice and quick. Revising the database code on a Live released game is … problematic. I hope to heck they really really test it and we don’t lose any of our data when the updates come.