Small update from Pez - Current PTR will close Wed 2/9 "for a week or so", Ladder PTR prep

i will need to instale the classic patch and try again because what i remember back them 1,01 to 1.06 barb can not leech iron maiden , or iron maiden reflect way to much damage back them and the game have no dr gear , not sure back them berserk by pass iron maiden , i know berserk is magie damage is just so many stuff change over the year , is hard to rememebr everything 20 yera ago
i play from classic day 1 and never see barb going to Chaos Sanctuary making xp , only to pk player and steal diablo in the end of the game

oh you say frenzy barbs . back them you have 0 frenzy barbs , this mean you play in lod era not classic

Yeah, it’s not like ladder exited in the game already…

You have some serious developmental issues if you can’t see what he was illustrating in his post. He wasn’t even close to blaming players for anything related to a glitchy ladder launch.
He was pointing out the truth to the player reaction if Blizz does what you are demanding they do.

People are raging because they haven’t started the ladder yet.

But they’ve delayed it due to all of the stabilization issues that have plagued the game since launch day, which have taken time to fix. (But of course, all you rage-heads expect things to be fixed overnight, and that just isn’t how any of this works.)
Patch 2.4 is the intended fix.

If they were to start ladder now, under current conditions, prior to the fix they’ve been working on, it’s going to be all kinds of messed up, and people are going to rage about issues with their precious ladder being “unplayable.”


I don’t want things fixed “overnight”. This has been ridiculous and the people rationalizing it are the problem. Ladder was literally advertised for launch until about a month prior when they realized they wouldn’t make it in time and then deceived everyone. It’s been well over 4 months since launch and over 5 months since the “shortly after” announcement and there isn’t even a date. Blizzard doesn’t care because they have our money. Period. If they couldn’t fix this in a timely fashion and this isn’t timely refunds should have been issues. Otherwise this is theft

Edit: making it sound like people that want what they paid for are being impatient or wanting their “precious” ladder (that again they paid for) are impatient or somehow have an issue is messed up. Blizzard loving fan boy so blind they can’t admit this has been a failure. If they can’t fix the issue in 5 months for a game that’s 20 years old and already had ladder function this isn’t a priority to them

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Ok but consider:

Ladder seasons are expected to last four months. If they’d started ladder shortly after launch, everyone would have been playing their first season characters the last four months and now would be getting ready to start over for the next ladder season.

Instead, we’ve been playing “non-ladder” characters for four months, and now we are getting ready to start over for the first ladder season.

Serious question: Is the delay really making enough of a difference to get all hot and bothered about?


Yes and I’m sick of other people thinking they should decide what should bother others. Blizzard didn’t deliver what we paid for. On principle that is bs to me. It’s fine that you don’t care. Everyone has an excuse for this. Now it’s trying to justify non ladder is basically ladder 1. No. They didn’t provide ladder yet and were deceptive at best.

I didn’t do that. I simply asked a question.

Who says I don’t?

Again, a question: what would the difference be?

I mean we could be a year from now and start ladder then and at that point what would the difference be. The difference is they haven’t provided what they sold. How is this so hard to understand? A lot of people didn’t play as hard or stopped a long time ago in anticipation of ladder. As soon as I killed Ubers once I stopped which was months ago. Basically like I was playing a beta version for practice for ladder

Thanks for answering in a tone that doesn’t border on apoplexy, which is what I was after. I think these are fair points and I agree that if the delay stretches much longer then that is absolutely a failure on Blizzard’s part.

Clearly you think they have already failed. On that I agree in the sense that the server databases at launch were not ready for prime time. Whether they could have known that in advance is up for debate, but in any case the problem is their responsibility (even if it’s not their fault).

With that said, because of the instabilities at launch, launching with ladder would have been an absolute mistake. Ladder is where I spent 90% of my playtime in OG D2, and I’m as eager as you to get there in D2R. But I wouldn’t have been willing to do so under the server conditions we had at launch.

For now though, the overall “way of playing” hasn’t (yet) been affected all that greatly. Either way we’d be getting ready to start fresh right about now. I hear what you are saying about not going as hard because it wasn’t ladder, but that’s my general experience with ladder anyway as the end of a season approaches. I think a lot of people take their foot off the gas as a season ends, especially if they’ve already done most of what they wanted to do that season.

Nobody is deciding what should bother you.
We are pointing out the ridiculous nature of comments such as:

They weren’t deceptive. They were faced with unforeseen issues that quite obviously changed their plan for ladder. They’ve kept us in the loop about what caused the issues, what the fix was going to entail, and gave us a heads-up that it was going to take a while to do the work.

But people like you ignored that heads-up and continued to clamor for the ladder, as though there weren’t issues to deal with first.

When I say deceptive at best the alternative is grossly incompetent. It is only one of those two in my opinion. Take your choice.

Edit: I didn’t ignore the heads up. In fact I foolishly believed them when they said shortly after launch. This isn’t shortly after and everyone knows that. Maybe they believed they could launch ladder a few weeks after launch but given they need Ptr still to test ladder I’m inclined to think they weren’t even close when they made the shortly after lie - which is why I say deception.

Edit2 : kept in the loop has been pretty sparse as it is and even so doesn’t make up for the failure. They aggressively denied refunds and I think even took joy in the denials. Order a meal next time and when they say their oven didn’t work as expected but your food is coming shortly let me know if you want a refund after a few days or as long as they keep you in the loop it’s ok to keep your money

Hey, nobody is arguing that they didn’t make a big mistake in trying to use a 20 year-old database structure designed for regional connections to handle a completely different global-wide connection scheme. AND that they seemed to be caught off-guard by it?
Yeah, they screwed the pooch on that.

But expecting ladder to drop before they have it fixed is just plain silly.

When did I say I expect it before the fix? You aren’t arguing against my points but rather having a separate convo. They either should have given refunds or idk spent more time and energy fixing this. There shouldn’t be a single issue that should take 5 months to fix. Otherwise the game released was a mere beta version

“Ladder shortly after launch.” Quickly approaching 1/2 a year with no ladder after release.

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I believe it’s deceptive to continuously say the ladder will release soon for months and months. Either they are deceptive, stupid, or both.

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I was addressing the overall attitude of “drop ladder NAO!”

Sorry if it took me a while to recognize you as the guy who’s been screaming “THEFT!” across multiple threads.

You want a refund because they didn’t drop ladder “shortly after” launch.
They had an issue which prevented that, and despite your claim that “it isn’t a priority for them,” they’ve been working on a fix.

They aren’t going to issue refunds as long as they are reasonably confident that they can fix the issues.
If the time comes when they say, “Sorry, no can fix. No ladder for you.”, and they don’t offer refunds… yeah. Scream your bloody head off.

Or keep screaming now. Whatever floats your boat.

They said ladder shortly after release. We’re past that. A month or two after release? Fine, I can accept that “unforeseen” disruptions can occur. I would argue that with proper testing/logic their server issues shouldn’t have been “unforeseen”. We’re at 4 months post release, and we’re at least 1 month away from a ladder release even going by optimistic estimates. At what point is it fair to say they are being deceptive?

So then what date would a refund be appropriate with no ladder. Please pick a specific date.

And working on something and it being a priority are very different as we’ve seen

I should have known better than to engage with the Conspiracy Crowd.

Y’all have fun with your little club…

You realize you just name call to justify your lack of logical replies. You deflect. You argue against points no one made. It’s telling