Skeletal Mage needs to be Skeletal Archer

As the title suggests this ability desperately needs a buff or tweak. Even if they simply allow them to benefit from damage and attack speed auras. As it stands they simply do not do enough damage to be meaningful. A level 40 Poison skeleton mage does 180 dps… It is legit never worth them ever being summoned in the first place. In the best possible gear you can manage to give them their total damage per second can barely hit 4k which is worse than an act 1 mercenary not wearing any gear. And for perspective that is all 15 of them hitting a single target… At this point I am more for changing them to skeletal archers and allowing them to scale with auras, buffs, and effects. Even if I am stuck without doing elemental damage it is at least access to a form of ranged damage. Because as it stands right now in almost GG gear it takes 15 mages 3 seconds to kill a single cow and 510 seconds to kill baal. For the sanity of having a skill not be completely non viable can we make any change at all, please?

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