Since volcano is basically the fire version of Blizzard

why don’t we see any volcano druids?

and molten boulder is essentially frozen orb on fire. molten boulder seems like a pretty cool skill to main, why no boulder boys?

anyone ever do these seriously?

Its just more damage to run your fire spells than it is your physical/fire spells. Moulten boulder also needs help when its up against enemies that cause it to explode instantly, and volcano struggles near walls, but synergizes so well when used along side fissure. Its just better to run fissure and support it with boulder and volcano and I think thats why we don’t see people main those abilities.

If fire claws was easier to level up from the start, the I think you would see more early molten boulder mains though. its just such a struggle to level fire claws though that you end up using molten bolder instead. Which is very effective! but not as effective as fissure+molten bolder.

I wonder if MB could be used as a hybrid build though? I haven’t though much on that

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ok now you got me worried.

i was starting to build a Destruction synergized proc fury wolfer and now i dunno.

“i just found an amazing 3ele/20fcr all res life diadem but it dawned on me that even though it rolled godly, it’s not a pelt, and a 5 skiller pelt with similar stats would be better right? why isnt the player in the video using a pelt? do pelts not come with fcr?” -Bravata

Classic Bravata thread so yall know who you are responding to:

Sadly he is next adam lanza and unfortunately anonymity of interwebz makes it very hard to report him to the authorities.

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maybe due to the atrocious 6 sec casting delay?

The 6 sec cd on volcano is to give old timers a feel for the old fire druid since they miss LoD so much

Looks like after the patch, the Destruction Werewolf melee druid is the hot new build. Try it yourself, it literally destroys everything easily.

I guess this proves i am the #1 theorycrafter in D2 history.

Hurricane, tornado druid prolly still best.
Just lvld and played one recently and ill be damn if it was not the easiest of any character.
Respecd to try straight fire withnew fire charm and hated it, this was last night.
Idk what you mean by destruco melee wolf druid?
Is that a fire claw/arma build?
Ive tried fury hurricane, fury arma, fury zoo, fire claw all kinds variants

Is that a fire claw/arma build?
no hard points into volcano, all other fire skills
destruction phaseblade
phoenix shield
flickering flame pelt

we used to be a meme, but now we’re the cream

If you are rich enough to get all that sure.

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Probably gonna roll through the ladder start as pure fire druid, might transistion to destruction later.

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same. it doesnt get roadblocked by fire immunes when naked, and flickerflame is cheap. Volcano feels like a completely different spell now.

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GGM is doing a live stream that shows off the fireclaws version of this wolf:
D2R - Hell Wolf Theorycraft (Destruction Volcano Spam) - YouTube

Macroboi did a fury version video but it doesn’t do the build justice at all


the changes feel so good. i’m loving fire druid atm. i almost went sorc, but i stuck to my guns and im glad i first timed season started druid. can’t wait till i can afford Destruction. love how fire druid is auto-dual element.

? Fire druids are the most common druid build in the game what do you mean?

Fissure is the best leveling skill in the game, you use volcano for fire immunes along with armageddon. You see more fire druids than wind druid now in D2R

Not sure what you mean