Set Boots don't display sin kick dmg

as in title… this is both for Live and PTR tested on Hsarus boots on Live and Aldur’s boots in PTR.

Simply put when hovering over the equipped set boots on an assasin it should display damage range for the kicks ( similar way as palladin has damage range on shields for smite, and barb one handed damage on two handed weapons.

it does work for other boots but not for set boots.
At least not Hsarus boots and Aldur’s boots. maybe not top priority, but given that one can upgrade set boots on ladder one could want stick to hsarus boots & belt for a while due to huge attack rating boost. and damage range could be improoved via existing ‘upgrade set armor’ cube recepie.

while i know this may not be top priority but on the other hand I assume it’s not that hard to input this description, so devs might as well tackle this one with 2.6