Servers Down. Can’t Create or Join Games

It says no new games can be created or joined. I use US East, but other realms may be experiencing this issue too. Please help!

The same goes for Asian servers.

hopefully it’ll get fixed soon! Hoping the night shift is able to restart it

remember when this company was good and not this ?

none of blue deigned to write a word about issue

i wonder if the problem is really hard to handle, or they are just not doing anything about it

either way i think this shows they dont care much, otherwise they would at least have mentioned whats going on

Please help blizzard. Tell us what’s going on and how long servers will be down!

레져렉션이나 디아4로 갈아타라는 술수인가? 일부러 접속 안되게해서 유저들 스트레스 급상승.

Less than a week ago servers in no ladder europe were down for days. Now this…

Servers back up as of about 1830 Bnet time.