Servers down again?

I haven’t logged in all day and now it gets stuck on checking versions, and apparently others are having this issue as well.

Yes it appears as such

Ever since they rebooted the systems, I have seen no problems. Got into Bnet today (17 Jan) and no problems. Others playing as well.

Best way to notify Blizzard on tissues is to contact them on Twitter

Edit: Note that if you’re running multiple copies and for whatever reason all characters get kicked at once, it’s possible to get stuck on checking version for a short time. The time being stuck on checking version will last longer and longer every time you get kicked with multiple copies in a 24 hour period.

It’s not a punishment for multiple copies but something that has been going on for almost a decade - it’s about leaving games and moving to another screen too fast too often. I’ve recommend for years waiting 7 seconds before doing anything after leaving a game.

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Try the above.