Season 3 ladder reset timing update

I can’t say much for ladder longevity, but I made it about 10 weeks into s1 and about 3 months of this current ladder before I just stopped playing Diablo and played a different game or activity with that free time. I did make a 390 damage grief and had another gifted to me. Still no enigma, but I’m getting used to using tele ammys. If you keep one in your cube or inventory, when you die in a spot that isn’t that overwhelming but getting back there on foot will mean more exp loss vs rejoining xp loss, having a tele ammy on a naked char is a blessing. If your char is squishy it might be a bit of a gamble to use yourself as bait and lure a pack off your body and use the tele to telestomp your body and either kill on or tp out but I do want to craft/find my own first legit enigma in 20+ years of almost getting there before I lost playing interest or was forced to check out the 100 other games I’ve yet to beat let alone 100%.

Buddy is gonna get back into s3 and has been asking me if I’m gonna be grinding and so far I’m less than enthusiastic about being ready to play probably the best last d2r ladder before the d4 migration. Also been encouraged by friends I grew up playing Diablo 1 and 2 with to preorder d4 or the very least plan to buy and play it with them. Pretty sure I could get a paid for copy if I was reluctant enough, but honestly I am curious about how much Diablo will be in Diablo 4.

You can start your NL item collection. I stopped playing s2. Playing and trading. Most what I was trading is stuff I already have on non ladder. And with time ran out on trade value, i and many others will be just dropping/getting rid of excess nl to be loot. For example I don’t know how but I have 7 ali babas on NL, 2 on gd barb but still if I had ali baba swords at the endo of ladder I would just give them away.

First of all, thanks for the dev teams of the great job. I am Diablo fans and have loved this game for more than 20 years, then, now and the next coming years. You are so awesome.

Secondly, I have a small team more than 10 person and 2-5 of them can be online at the same time.
In the old days, Diablo/Nihlathak/Baal are the three ways to hit LV99, my teams spent 200 hours on the way from LV98 to LV99(2 hours per day and continues 3 monthes).
Nowadays, we only follow Tal-Rasha, Chaos and Worldstone Keeper these three tzones when I started from LV98.
This lasts me three weeks to got LV99 while I am still hold a normal life, sleep, work and do something else.
Tzones makes the way too easy to reach LV99 than the day of D2LoD.
Easy To Get Easy To Forget.
I think 50-100 hours may be good for LV98-LV99 while I only spent 20 hours around.
I mean the EXP of tzone is too much high and the highest unique monter should be less than LV91.

Thirdly, as I mentioned above about LV91.
In the old days we craft grand charm dropped from Diablo/Nihlathak/Baal to get 45life of a vita affix.
We need to collect pgems or use runes to trade for them.
Nowadays, a lion branded grand charm of vita(45life) is much easier dropped from tzone than the old days.
And pgems seems waste time to collect except amethyst and ruby for crafting.
If the highest drop resticted to LV90, people will keep the interesting of crafting GC.

Forthly, on the whole way to LV99, my team got more than 10 max roll of sunder charms.
The Sunder charms are too easy to gain so we only keep the perfect ones.
If we keep them all, it will totally be around 100.
Especially the cold one, this makes the blizzard sorceress as the GOD.
Meanwhile, this makes the bot more easier to farm.

Last but the more important at my opinion, recover the iron maiden skill of Seis and other doomknight3.

Thanks for your reading…

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terror zones are a half decent addition, but as i’ve said about 30 times already, 1 hour and switch zone. is a SNOOZE fest, i don’t know if you watch any streamers, or play with other players, but sometimes a certain zone will turn on that they all say “let’s break for the hour to come back and see if the next one is better” like it’s actually just the worst way to implement something…

they could be making it so much more fun and intuitive. not just another baal run. that switches it location every hour. and with sunder charm doesn’t matter what area it is, can kill it with your tarnhelm . silks of victor / trash gear…

Oh, it’s been a week, any new info yet?

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It’s me, new info!

We are currently looking at ramping up a PTR for early next week. Big focus will be testing out some new runewords.

You may start to see those over the weekend from some friends. The team is looking forward to the feedback.


Really cool. Please just keep one thing in mind. 90% of all uniques and sets are already dated and SO bad. In the end, all we will be using are runewords.

It would be amazing to have updated uniques/sets as well. We have a massive power creep incoming here.


Weeee glad this ladder will have some new runewords! Any word on runestacking? Also will sunders be going away?


Why is Blizzard hiding stuff from You all trying to surprise us or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sneaky sneaky!

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Thanks for the update Pez! Sounds similar to the event from pre-season 1 where streamers got to slowly reveal new runewords, hmm.

Wonder what kind of stuff we will see.

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Yeah ah what this guy said :+1:


No chance the devs plan to fix the balance on melee weapons so that they actually do decent damage compared to the average spell? That imbalance predates D2R and really does need addressing.


they’ve made it pretty clear they dont want to touch upon the original game that much. everything theyve done so far is QoL, standardization, and new content/features. theyve done very little to “balance” anything, especially items, and i dont think they intend to, as they’re adding runewords yet again when the majority of unique and set items are not very good


Thank you. Please make the new RWs balanced (and the old ones as well)!

Does it mean that the streamers will get preferential treatment again?

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yes, they will also be given 1000 free high runes to make these runewords when the ladder resets to show them off /s

What ever happened to itemization improvements of uniques and sets? The last thing the game currently needs is even greater dependance on runewords.


It sounds like this is another last minute decision to avoid backlash for not having anything planned for D2R since they didn’t say anything about a PTR a week ago.

Just dumping in new trivial runewords and neglecting other aspects of the game is akin to wiping your a** with s***. It’s pointless.


Does that mean the current ladder-only runewords will be constructible in non-ladder once the new season starts with these upcoming new ones?


I mean the last set of runewords were so damn useful. Flickering Flame made fire druids almost viable :eyes::rofl:


Any confirmation if that means current ladder-only runewords will be makeable on non-ladder once current season finishes?

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