[SC][L]Stuff for trade

I’ve got a few things for trade on Ladder for the PC or switch. Post offers. (I’m making a Throw Barb if that gives you any idea what type of stuff I’m looking for.)

10/20/5 Anni
10/10/8 Anni
13/12 Assassin Torch
Full Natalya’s set
2/2/240/12/50 Jade Talon
Terror Key
35fcr spirit sword
29% spirit Mon
3os +3 Phoenix Strike Suwayyah
+1Offensive Aura 16life gc
200 Low Lvl runes
38 Pgems
28 Ral runes

I have a couple of non Eth lacerators and glimmershreds. If you’re still needing weapons. I’m interested in the anni. What would you part with that for?

Do you know what ED they are?

I’m not home atm, I will check them in an hour so.

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Sounds good just lmk.

got a 162 ED non-eth lacerator too (but you should probably trade with wowbagger first)

also got a 18DR Leviathan tho I’ve no idea if that’s what throw barb uses (before fort obviously)

I can use some Ral (2-3 should be enough); want to gamble sockets through cube but ran out of Ral

Fortitude is a common go to, but I found that treachery fit very well with its 45% ias.

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Fortitude eventually when I can afford a Lo for sure.

Sadly my 2 lacerators are sub 160 in the 150s.
…and I just realized this is Ladder. totally removes me from the convo.

I was more interested in gimmershred but yeah definitely ladder for now.

I have a non eth 188ed lacerator. And also i think there’s another one in one of my mules but i need to check. But I’m behind Zhongli , so if his deal is okay, do trade with him first :smiley:

hi, do you need the lacerator and levi? I actually just got some Ral and lost all my cube gambles (all got 1 or 2 soc…)

at this point feel free to offer me whatever, including free. among your items I can make use of 10/10/8 anni, tkey, offensive gc, and pgems - I don’t bother to evaluate them, and they may well be way more expensive than what I offer, so totally up to you (again, free is totally cool with me too!)

have fun!

I can give you some Ral when I get home for free. I’m going to try to avoid Lacerators simply because that monster flee will annoy me badly.

More interested in warshrikes and gimmershreds. Runes and such.

gotcha, thanks! in that case all is good - I don’t need extra Ral right now, but still thank you for the offer! (and I don’t actually have spare runes in ladder now, need to go back to farming)

I think 20+ Ral goes for an Ist so if you can cube enough that would be an easy Ist for you

gl and hf!

I may have more than 20 Rals. I never counted. I know I have like 250+ low runes.

I just go through my stash and have these:

220ed non eth warshrike
166ed gimmershred
188ed non eth lacerator

Willing to trade those for your assa torch if it’s okay. Let me know

I’m interested in the warshrike. Not really the Lacerator and I have a 189 & 193 gimmershreds.

I’m out of good runes to offset the difference for your torch unfortunately . Unless you’re okay with just the warshrike

I might be ok with that. I’m not out to make profit or anything. Just to equip my new throw Barb.

Right now I’m not home.

Okay, just let me know when you’re available for trade. Or add my bnet dunstheater#1902