SC/Ladder items for offers

WTS (SC/Ladder Bases
3os Superior Balrog Skin 506def 13 Durability
3os Superior Wyrmhide 518 def 10ed
4os eth Scarab Husk 615def
3os Balrog Skin 410def
Clean Superior Boneweave 576def 14ed
3os eth Dusk Shroud 559 def
4os eth Wyrmhide 576def
4oseth Scarab Husk 571 Def
4os Phase blade
4oseth Colossus Sword
4os Superior Balrog blade 13ed 3 ar
Clean eth monarch 202 def
Clean eth Berserker Axe
4os Eth Balrog Blade SOLD

IK gloves
IK boots
IK helm
IK belt
Aldur’s Armor
Trang Armor
Trang gloves
Trang belt
Mav’s Armor
Mav’s Helm
Mav’s gloves
Griswold’s Armor
Tal’s belt 12mf

Nosferatu’s Vampirefang belt
Lightsabre Phase blade
Mang Song’s Lesson 5 skills 30fcr -14 fire -12 light -14 cold res
Lidless shield
String of ears
Bartuc’s 197ed
Homunculus trophy
Goblin Toe boots
Ali BaBa
158Raven frost
Vipermagi 29AR

how much for ravenfrost ring?

make me an offer I fairly open to trades

um maybe?
add me if ok for u

Added you join my game whenever

WTB 4os Eth Balrog Blade. Your tag ?

Kujo#1926 I am afk about 20 to 30 cooking atm

May i purchase your 3os wyrmhide with 10 pgems? add pingpongking#1169

Sorry I have like 100 pgems

Hehe me too. What would you like for the armor? How about a pul rune?

sure Kujo#1926 whenever your ready or make a game and let me know

Cool. Got it. Im out with family atm. I can trade in a few hours.

np I will be around whenever. Have fun with the fam cya later on.

sent you a friend request. I’m down to trade when you return. add pingpongking#1169

Added you just hit me up sometime today

Cool. If ur on, ill hit you up in a couple minutes.

do you still have the sup bolrog skin??

[quote=“Kujo-1926, post:1, topic:130325”]
Homunculus trophy
Whats the price for homoculus? Do you still have it?

I Only have mid runes left or pgems. Ill give you a pul rune for it. Add pingpongking#1169