Revive Issues for Necro

Hello. I notice someone was having a similar bug a year ago and its still buggy today. When spamming revive sometimes it doesnt revive the monster it just keeps casting revive and nothing gets summoned. Thanks

Hello, sometimes you try to summon creature that is higher than base level monster. Can only revive base level monster. Hello.

In other words there are some monsters like bosses and Champions that you can’t revive.

Don’t obsess Revives are temporary, move on and find another one.

Another issue with revives is that the duration is very short. 3 minutes might sound good on paper, but this affects summoners who dont have enigma more. In the event that you’d like to kill uber diablo in a different act or do ubers prior to enigma (or if you choose not to use it) by the time you can gather a couple handfuls of maulers and get to your destination, your revives die off.

If memory serves me correctly, back in 1.08 or before that, revives used to increase duration based on skill level (or it was double the duration, i remember them lasting around 6.5 minutes). At a 6 minute duration, enigma-less summoners would be able to utilize revives better. This includes summoning revives that also dont do well against mobs within the same resistance category (ghosts, specters, etc).

3 minutes is a long time …

especially when you have 25 revives at hand, seriously

16 skels, 10 skel mages, 25 revives, golem, mercenary, yourself … 54 strong!!!
your primary strength is your skels and your skills … build them right and an army like that will rock the game with little effort.

you do NOT need enigma … try full trangs and see how much more powerful you are … you’ll be surprised. Add in leorics wand, marrowwalks, a good summoning ammy and decent rings as well as gc’s … you’ll be set. Proper building and equipping is part of making a strong character. To hell with so-called meta-builds.

as far as killing uber D, my necro does it all the time, I join friends games and kill him for them so they can get their drop. He was doing that at level 75.

what friggin more do you want?
how much easier do you want the game?
you want someone to play it for you also??

there’s already too much excessive overpowering of characters going on already … it has to stop.