Returning to D2R after a year of D4 disappointment… give me all the advice please

I got D2R on release and played it up until D4 came out, I had my fun with it but I’m bored to death now of it. Saw D2r was on sale for Xbox so I copped it.

I played as a necro last time I played but I have hardly any memory on what I’m supposed to do and what items I want and how to get them.

I can remember I want a ‘White wand’ stealth chest and a lore helm? Unsure as well as a rhyme/spirit shield. Where do I find the bases for those runewords? And where should I farm for the runes themselves?

So if you could please tell me the best areas to farm for loot and other things I should know would be amazing! Please.

There’s a website called d2runewizard. Helps a ton.