Repeated account blocking despite verification


I am asking for an urgent answer and an effective solution to my problem the first time without long-day correspondence because I paid for a game that I cannot play normally despite repeated verification!

Since yesterday, my account in the D2R game has been having problems playing online. This message: “Due to suspicious activity, this account has been locked” was displayed several times and I was forced to verify my account via e-mail.

The problem repeats itself over and over again and it’s starting to annoy me because I often need to quickly launch the game or change the game region and have to waste time and go through verification each time.

Please stop making it difficult for me to play on my account because how many times a day do I have to verify my account from the same computer and even from the same IP.

It happens that in addition to the home Internet, I also use the Internet from my phone, so I alternately use 2 IPs, but I have never had such a problem before.

The problem has already occurred several times on the home IP and now I am away from home and the same thing happened on the Internet from the phone.

Please do not refer me to topics on the forum because I have read almost all of them and it did not solve my problem. I even changed my password and the problem still exists, especially when changing the region.

In addition, today when changing the region in the game, the following message began to appear, even though I am online almost every day: “You have not been online in 30 days. Please start the game while online to check for any login agreements”.

Are you kidding players with your verification system?

Kind regards.

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