Regarding the statement

The statement says, here Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward, the issue is that the legacy service that…

… handles critical pieces of game functionality, namely game creation/joining, updating/reading/filtering game lists, verifying game server health, and reading characters from the database to ensure your character can participate in whatever it is you’re filtering for.

… is struggling to keep up with modern player behavior.


… those of you doing Pindleskin runs, you’ll be in and out of a game and creating a new one within 20 seconds.

Do you know when else we are quickly creating new games all the time? Switching back and forth across mule characters we wouldn’t need if Blizzard did something about the whole inventory situation!
Giving players more shared stache pages and implementing stackable items will massively alleviate load, created by said “modern players” optimizing their characters and storing/searching manually through all the loot gained from MF runs. They’ll also progress faster and will have to supply more characters with items along the way.


Or “strimmers” could stop promoting braindead gameplay like LR runs and Pindle runs and encourage people to actually play the game.

Well, i agree but sadly thats kinda of how D2 works until new content is add. Althought it is true they dont even talk about doing quests they just talk about being run and farming keys or whatever

That is playing the game. I’ve been doing Pindle runs since like 1.08.