Regarding approach

As a long-time fan of Diablo 2, I have been eagerly awaiting the upcoming update. However, after careful consideration and observation, I have come to realize that there are several issues that need to be addressed in order to make this update truly successful. In this post, I will outline my concerns and offer potential solutions that could improve the overall experience of the game.

Lack of Attention to Player Feedback:
One of the main issues I have with the upcoming update is the lack of attention paid to player feedback and suggestions. There is a dedicated forum for players to share their thoughts and ideas, but it seems like these suggestions are being ignored by the development team. It’s disheartening to see so many passionate players who care about the game being ignored.

Balance Issues:
Another major concern I have is the balance of the game. Currently, paladins and sorceresses are the strongest characters with the least amount of effort required, and this has not changed in recent updates. This imbalance takes away from the diversity and replayability of the game, and makes it less enjoyable for players who prefer to play as other characters.

Desire for More Creativity and Risk-Taking:
While I understand that making changes to a beloved game can be risky, I believe that the development team needs to take more chances and be more creative with their updates. There are so many possibilities for improvement, including adding new monsters and levels, experimenting with different mechanics, and making changes to legendary and set items. I believe that these changes could bring new life and excitement to the game.

Blizzard, why are You like that ?
I mean, if there is only one person working on these updates - that’s okay, You are trying Your best bro.