Rate limiting games? this is a terrible idea

a blue post 2 hours ago stated:
We will also be implementing a way to rate limit games with varying times to ensure we can get higher amounts of players in during peak playing periods.

this isn’t really a great solution… the process of joining a public game has been a miserable one riddled with various errors and then followed by being locked out for several minutes.
This has left many players to play solo who otherwise would have been looking for a baal group on the cluttered join game window (there needs to be a filter to avoid seeing hour old trade games etc)

At this point in the game not everyone is geared out, nor does everyone want to clear all of the bosses in the game. People should be able to pick and choose the content of the game they want to play and not be forced to stay in a game in fear of being locked out of creating a new one with this new rate limiting system that is being proposed.

With all of the on going issues with game creation errors already locking you out of games, downtime, rollbacks, etc… etc… limiting the people who are actively still playing is just going to leave a sour taste in everyone’s mouths.

also with why is there always queue on NA servers early morning and mid afternoon, but almost non existent during peek hours?


What’d be your suggested solution?

Use the same system D2LoD used. Their throttle was set based on creating/joining to many times in a set period of time and then it would DC you from the server. So for example, when I was muling and changing characters to quickly after about the third or fourth mule I would get dropped and have to log in again. This had zero impact on the runz, which are critical to D2. But those abusing the server with sub-30 second Pindle runs would get dropped, after the third run.


I believe this is due to the bottle neck in their servers, which is their global database. NA gets ques in the morning because that is when Asia is in full swing. I don’t believe the ques are regional they are based on the global server-load.

If i need bigger bowl to eat my spagghettios bc i fvcked up and made way more spaghettios than my little bowl can hold, i get a bigger bowl, not setup queue for spaggetios to enter small bowl.

Im not sitting there with spagghetios spilled all over the place for weeks and weeks telling walmart to throttle how many spaggetio cans they allow me to purchase cuz i was too cheap to buy the correct tool for the job

Blizz buy more servers ur solution is trash excuse to avoid the problem


They have no idea what they are doing. The queue is permanent they are putting weeks of work into making the queue display correct wait times, instead of fixing the game. 6+ weeks out we have a detailed explanation of what they are doing to fix the queue display and why their server architecture demands game creation throttling. And at the bottom is "some bug fixes and features are coming. "
You know why it’s a sentence instead of a list of features? It’s because they can make the chat gem give you rainbow text in lobby and wash their hands of yet another turd.
Just. Like. Reforged.


Honestly I don’t care too much about what they do early on. The thing that puts me at ease is the communication, no matter what they say. When the communication stops for good, the game is dead. That’s when I start feeling there’s no hope for the product.

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Buy better servers just like you are supposed to when you failed to forecast the demand of this game. I bought 3 copies of this game for pc, ps5, and switch and I’m not the only one. Plenty of money has poured in from this game and much of it was preorder. Better servers should have been decided on before launch. The fixes are paying detriment to the ones who paid for the game while blizzard makes tons of money by not actually “fixing” the problem and pawning it off on the supporters of the game. Still bad decisions pouring out from the company.


this is the only game ever that puts me in queue time at 7 am in weekends or 5am in week days. There’s something to do for sure… Like getting better servers. But that implies a cost. Blizzard doesn’t want to pay for us to be satisfied ahah


No normally you would not do this. What you would do is fill your bowl up, leave the rest of the spagghettios in the pot, and come back for seconds. You wouldn’t rush out and buy a new bowl because you realized you made too many spagghettios.

Server space is not the issue, the load is. More space doesn’t always fix the issues caused by load.

Problem isnt the servers. Its the old outdated code they made the (terrible) decision to reuse.

In the Spaghettio scenario: You buy a couple tins of them, upend them into a bowl to eat…and hapoy days! They all fit, so time to eat! You go to the kitchen drawer, and realise to your horror that the largest spoon you have is the one you used as a baby…a tiny plastic thing. You try your best but nope! The damn thing wont pick up more than two spaghettios at s time, and the rest fall off. You give up… you have to fix it, but that means going out and getting a new spoon! In which case all the spaghettios sit there wondering why they arent being eaten yet.

Thats the current story - Blizz are still working on a spoon (code) suitable on handling so many delicious little spaghettios.

it’s both. Servers are the main issue, but not the amount of space in which most people are saying. This is like saying they need more HD space, when they really need a better cpu. The server issue the load on the servers, not how much space is available. In terms of personal computers, you can add all the space you want to hard drive or ssd, but if your CPU can’t handle the work load, all that space really isn’t going to anything.

As for the old code, absolutely this is problem. It the same issue people would have now days trying to read and work around something written in DOS.

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Herein lies the problem. If they could throw money at the problem and fix it, they would have. Your solution would put more load on the systems, and it’s load they can’t afford. The database (global) is a single point of failure and when it goes the game becomes unusable and character progression could be lost.

Think of a highway - each server is a new highway but they’re funneling into a single tunnel that goes through a city and you can’t just keep adding highways and expect a good end result. They need more tunnels, and to evenly distribute the plethora of highways across available tunnels for best results.

The alternative is daily downtime of around 4 hours. It’s not a good solution, but it’s the best one they have.

Can’t just pay for moar servers when your game can’t accommodate scaling. They have to rebuild the portion which doesn’t work that way.

Now, they should have done this before launching and deserve to be lambasted for it, but do it for the right reason.

Explain please - are you saying that everything is getting bottlenecked on the way to to the Global server? If so, doesn’t a bigger bottleneck solve this issue?

As I understand it now it was a mistake that they same server code for D2 with D2:R… we can argue whether it was a genuine mistake that they didn’t expect, or that they wanted to push the game out ASAP for C-Mas and just accepted this issue as one they could fix after release.

You can put lots of pasta in your mouth.
You can fit lots of pasta in your belly.

Increasing your belly space isn’t gonna help with how much pasta can go down your throat at the same time.

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This is the best explination i have seen anyone give as to the server issues.

I can’t play the game at all, as I’m stuck in a log-in queue, I’ve tried reloading the game 6 times now and after an hour of trying to make this work, I still don’t have access to the product I paid for, whatever your trying it clearly isn’t working, as the game is currently broken.

It’s a good idea overall, but the limits are completely out of control. If you enter or exit games more than 4~ times you get hard banned for minutes at a time. The process of sorting my alts ends up taking 30 minutes instead of 10 due to constant lockouts.

You should only be rate limited if your total rate of X games created in Y time frame.

Why am I being punished for entering and exiting the same game multiple times, it has no detriment to the creation server?

I find it very difficult to believe that there are more players now than there was when this game was still hot, fresh, and literally PACKED with people - dozens of runs available to join, lots of activity, and without a dozen other hot titles on multiplayer available to join like there is today. It’s a ghost town. It’s been a ghost town. If you’re lucky you find a decent run you get 4 or 5 into it and somebody gets locked out and - run over.

With the amount of money being pile driven into Blizzard, I also find it hard to believe that leveraging use with additional hardware would be so difficult now when it was only occasionally an issue during peak times 15-20 years ago. There’s more money, there’s more technology, there’s more education, and yet this game went out with all these bugs and we get updates about possible fixes in the future?

I have been lucky enough not to be stuck in a queue yet, it’s always just loaded in fine for me. But playing is almost a waste of time, which equates to a waste of money. Much like this post which will largely go unnoticed, I don’t think the scope of the situation is really portrayed well. Feedback is here, as we can all see in the forums. Every day. Constant complaints. I generally just sit back and watch the show with some forum popcorn, but occasionally like right now, I feel like I should just add my voice to the crowd and say “figure it out.”

These issues shouldn’t really be a thing right now, there are far more taxing titles with far more network traffic without the plague, why D2R?

We all know D2R is low priority compared to upcoming titles, but it’s been over a month.

I’ll still play, but realistically I think this game could run on a 30 year old toaster. And nothing much has changed. So what’s the real issue?