Rabies fireclaw hybrid build

Yeah I know, without teleport there’s always going to be a better class than the shifter but this build is fun and utilizes the plague rune word to it’s max potential. However, if you want to kill things quickly in players 5 and above, prepare to pay out the a** for this build which is why I just play it on single player at the moment.

Straight to end game:

+20 points Rabies
+20 points poison creeper
+20 points fire claws
+20 points Firestorm
+20 points Molton boulder

  • Rest I just dump into werewolf or lycanthropy.

Helm - Jalal’s with poison facet. However, with metamorphosis on the horizon, that would be best in slot with +3 fir claws and +3 rabies in base helm. You could theoretically get +8 skills to rabies and +8 to fireclaws.

Armor: Bramble - best option to get max damage out of rabies.

Ammy - +3 shapeshifting skiller to maximize damage, or any +2 druid amulet.

Ring - raven frost for one ring if lacking cannot be frozen (not needed with metamorphosis coming up though). Otherwise Bk rings for +skills.

Belt - Arach’s for + skills.

Boots - doesn’t really matter, Alders would be good for FRW and fire res.

Gloves - Trang’s for poison damage.

Main hand: Plague in phase blade. + skills, fast attack, and lower res proc make this best in slot here.

Shield: Doesn’t matter too much. Phoenix is nice for extra fire-claw damage, but probably not worth the extra cost. Spirit would work just fine here. Medusa’s gaze could be an option to get some extra chance to proc lower res, but the strength requirement is too high.

Off Hand and shield - Here’s the really expensive part: Death’s web and a monarch with 4 poison facets.

In inventory load up on shape shifting skillers.

With sunder charms, I would go with a fire. Enemies with higher poison res will take too long for the poison sunder to be worth it.

Merc - the usual Act 2 setup with Infinity, probably Holy freeze. Act 5 merc wouldn’t work here with the taunts overriding Lower Resistance.

People are saying the weapon swap glitch no longer works, but I just tested this and it still works with rabies. Basically approach a mob, infect with rabies, swap weapons to get max rabies damage from death’s web and monarch. Switch back to plague weapon and attack primarily with fire claws. Once Lower resist kicks in, watch mobs die from rabies pretty quickly, even in higher player counts. Also Fireclaws will benefit from the lower res as well. With high fireclaw damage, you’ll be taking down bosses pretty quickly.

Anyways, that’s all for the moment since I’m drinking whiskey right now.

Lmao, this man had way too much whiskey. This is a meh build.

Zodded dweb, cta on swap for fat HP pool. A5 Frenzy merc with sazabi+Plague or act2 defense aura+infinity. Rabies have always been my top favorite build and ive tested and ive tried it your way too. Don’t nerf yourself by going hybrid and losing your bear and oak Sage

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Pretty sure you would just be better off playing pure poison with rotting fissure dweb or using hand of justice,pheonix shield and flickering flame helm with flame sunder charm. Playing a hybrid between these early would be feasible but in the higher difficulties its better to go one way or the other.