Rabies druid more like rabid grannies

My druid after cta and metamorphisis buff has 70-73k psn dmg and 9.8k hp. And ill admit the build is fun and has been my favorite since the day i discovered Diablo 2.

But plz, can u finally fix the dmg calculation???
After 20seconds and negative poison res, i should (according to my calculator) do 2k dps to immune monsters that have been sundered and it just doesnt. The only stuff that pops like popcorn are the fallen ones in act1.

Edit: also, wth is up with barricaded doors being immune to poison?

are you using grief? plague?

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I’m here again asking that blizzard buff rabies skill damage or fix poison in general.

Give all poison skills the venom treatment ; ;

Rabies isn’t good enough on its own without a bunch of GG gear. Because poison damage is interrupted by other damage you can’t even offset the low damage with pets or anything. I want to play poison rabies build but I’d get level 95 on a druid before I could even build a rabies that did anything worth while.

tried grief, plague, using dweb, have about 70k poison dmg over time on m and its still underwhelming asf. Also, grief kinda ruins the point of the rabies build man, since a grief can make any build not suck.

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they need to cap rabies duration at 6 seconds max.
thats the main issue.
anything beyond that is just icing.
the total damage is ok ( but it would be nice with another synergy)
but it’s just over such a long duration its worthless

your basic attack with greif clear things faster
and yes grief is the best wep
ignore targets def, life and mana after kill, ias, and - poison res.

all blizzard has to do is cap the duration of rabies and it will be useable