Quickcast feedback

Originally I posted this in the paladin channel but I don’t think it’ll get any exposure there. Wanted to post this in General and again hope blizzard sees this.

Quick-cast does not allow for a change of skill which I believe is an easy fix

Goal: The goal is to have quick-cast be just as competitive as legacy controls and allow more players to even the playing field using quick-cast. It also solves many problems of wanting to change your skill mid fight or duel without having to manually select it. Some other issues have been posted in regards to how quick cast isn’t good for pvm either.

Solution Options:

Option #1 – Create a “Change skill” hot key for quick-cast that allows a player to hold “change skill” and press any skill they want to cast and swap to that selected skill and cast it as the button is being held down.

For example the player holds down “change key” the ability would disable the quick-cast and allows them to swap the skills on their LMB and continue to use the newly swapped skill to hold the opponents character/name. The button press should also not interrupt or lose the name of the monster or player in pvp. Then they can select another skill to swap back.

Thanks for reading my post and Blizzard if you read this I’m available to provide my feedback for any player testing.

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Good post, see a problem and give valid solutions to fix it. I hope this gets the eyes since its a pvp problem.

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Came across this looking for Paladin tips on chain-locking. This seems like it could improve dueling for T/V’s

Sadly I quit the game as did many others and aspiring new players that wanted to utilize quick cast. Because blizzard isn’t willing to implement this change that’ll take them no more than a few hours. Absolutely would improve PVE and PVP for all types of paladins who are low tier currently.