Queues on a Monday morning?

Wont buy another BLIZZARD game period !!!

What they are doing right now is limiting connections/data to that database so that it does not go belly up for 4-5 hours a day. They are working on fixing the old database code to handle the vastly increased numbers of players/data generated.

Most of this should be temporary until they get the Global Database fixed.

Just curious did Blizzard or a Blue post about this at all anywhere?
This kind of information…what is wrong, and what were doing to fix it…seems like something that should be at the top of the forums.
Thankyou for the pertinent info.

It is am for you but afternoon in for Europe and Evening for Asia. This sucks big time but I hope once Asia goes to sleep we can get in faster. E.g. there was no queue at all this morning in Europe. Seems like they can manage two servers at best. But once all 3 are active everything goes poop.

I would bet my next paycheck that the first post I see in a lobby once I finally get through this queue will be a spam post from a bot for P2PAH d o t c o m and not an actual player. Any takers?

Thats like shooting fish in a barral, guarenteed to see it

Yes, it is pinned at the top of the forums. They posted it Thursday last week. Then started the queues on Friday which at least stopped the total belly up. Not ideal, but better than totally down.

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FF14 has more than 24million players, and I am on an overfull server that always has a que. Que is never more than 2 minutes. There’s no excuse for this blizz, 30minutes to log in on a Monday morning Americas server…garbage.

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Not sure what the role of a forum MVP is? All we are asking is for blizz to dump more resources into servers, fix the underlying issues. Any simple dev communication would be nice at this point not a generic server issue with no updates.


Yes, it’s all the Chinese players.

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Not region locking the game is the root cause of server login que. Any online game with no region lock expected to be hit with server outages as entire world on 1 server not possible.


That post is not generic at all. It is very detailed. If you read it you would find that the issue is not the servers.

The issue is that the Global Database itself (that sits on top of all the regional datacenters and makes the game have shared progress/connected play) is the old DB code that was made to handle smaller Regions. It worked in 2000 when it was just USWest, USEast, etc.

Trying to scale it to handle the Global functions of D2R in 2021 did not turn out so well. The database crashes when overwhelmed which resulted in total game down in all regions on all platforms. And also lost data.

They could throw all the servers in the world at it, but until the Global Database issues are fixed, it would do nothing. It is not a hardware issue.

The queues are to limit database load, not server load.

They ARE working on fixing it, but that will take time.

This is not what the HELL we paid $40 for.

This was not sold as a Standalone Single player game, and if it were, the remaster should not have been more than 10-15$ as this has been a graphical facelife, and the REMOVAL of TCP/IP which would have ELIMINATED these ISSUES!

Stop being a SHILL!

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Who knew that using 20+ year old server tech would fail in 2021? sounds like they cheaped out for a quick buck.

My biggest qualm with this is when you try to join a game and you get the error then have to back out completely and sit in queue again :frowning: Sad Panda

Sorry, the launch is a MONTH old now.

They are OUT OF TIME for goodwill from the community.

They should be working 24/7 and spending what it TAKES to CORRECT THIS!

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Exactly this I could understand for a first week or 2, they are far past the grace period, fix it asap or offer full refund no questions asked, buyer protection anti lemon act.


Queues on a Monday.

Queues on a Tuesday.

Queues on a Wednesday.

Queues on a Thursday.

Queues on a Friday.

Queues on a Saturday.

Queues on a Sunday.

Can we expect to see a post tomorrow morning titled: Queues on a Tuesday Morning?

Answer: Yes.

This is the FIX!

Until more people walk away and stop playing, at which point it will miraculously work for those who still log in (the spam Bots, the gameplay bots, and a few others)

This is/has/will always be a MONEY GRAB from Blizzard.

Shame, as Vicarious did a FANTASTIC job on the graphical update to the game, and Blizzard DID NOTHING, except REMOVE TCP/IP play which would still allow us to play with those we convinced and purchased copies for to be able to play at all/together.

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I get through que and it says failed to connect, puts me in single player screen. Tab back to online and puts me back to 46 que. Haha!

Again though it is not really the severs - it is the Global Database.

I would love to know who thought it was going to work. I am a nobody and I had concerns. If I did then it means the actual engineers likely did. So who told them to roll with it as is and not invest time to really test and update the database code to handle the newer/heavier load requirements?

I can only imagine some poor IT person writing up all the risks and a Suit telling them no, funding not granted. Now they have:

  • A live game that was hard down for 4-5 hours a day last week on all platforms along with lost progress and data.
  • Having to make compromises like a queue to stabilize it which negatively impacts customers
  • Having to fix the core database while the game is LIVE. Not a fun proposition.

I feel like this all could have been prevented with some prior proper planning, testing, and investment in updates BEFORE release.

Although, I don’t work there and have no way to know if what I am saying is even true. It just feels like it though.