Queues and crashes

Wow, wth is this? I sit in the new queue for 10 minutes, make a game, lose connection to server and get placed back in the queue. Now I sit in the queue for 15 minutes, create game, get disconnected and have to sit in the queue again. Then it’s about 20 minutes in the queue and guess what happens? Disconnect again.

I know I have been really lucky so far but I am disconnecting more since the addition of queues and now get the enjoyment of sitting and waiting for it to happen. Awesome. Thanks.


I agree with you - hopefully this is just a temporarily thing with the queue. This cannot be a permanent solution.

In addition as you say and I am also affected by the problem, that my game crashes every 30 minutes, due to an blizzard / d2r issue. (my hardware is brand new and updated)


Man i was just about to come and say something along those lines. i was in a nice group, we had just gotten someones meph killed for quest. We go and kill his diablo real quick. then we go do his ancients and we are up for baal. then wave 2 my game crashes then i go into a queue.


This is embarrassing for Blizzard.
40$ each game, and the server structure of an indy company.

This queue will be there for many weeks. In the end, lots of people will quit and thus, servers will be more stable.

That is the master plan. Scare away players so their potato servers can stay unchanged.


You know what they need to let us be able to use our online profiles offline - I’m so tired of this crap. Back when it first released (yes, I am that old) you could level up and then play online…same character. This separate approach means many folk who are leveling to play with friends online have a completely dud product. Nobody is going to spend time playing offline when that progress can’t carry over online. If this queue nonsense is here to stay then they need to let us be able to play online characters offline. Otherwise refund time.

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That is correct. Once PoE 3.16 release probably 80% of the crowd will be gone. Hence Blizzard doesn’t want to spend any money on servers; posting on Twitter and making people queue up is foc.

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If you would’ve bothered to read the blue post posted ~2 days ago you would know that this is a temp fix to keep the servers online while they’re working on a more permanent solution. Maybe you prefer the servers to be offline for the weekend, I don’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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But then how would they reconcile letting those offline characters back into the online fray?

I’ve dealt with it by EXPECTING issues during these peak times. And if I have to, I play one of 3 offline characters.

Man here acts like Blizzard is doing this on purpose, and of course they are not. This queue thing is their most recent attempt to thwart the full on server crashes (and subsequent rollbacks) that so many have rallied against.

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I logged in to make a thread about this same issue. Give us a damn grace period to skip queue if we were just logged in but crashed!


They somewhat are doing this on purpose - my not planning correctly. This is the company that runs WoW and yet they didn’t figure out what server capacity was going to be required to run this? That’s just bad planning. Or, as others are commenting, is the plan to have people just leave the game because it is so broken right now and then the capacity they currently have will be plenty for the five people left playing :slight_smile:

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They are trying to fix this.

Please go read their post on the server issues they are having with this 21 year old game.
And if you can’t find any patience or compassion after reading it then by all means continue your rabbling.

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Let‘s see how long this temp thing will last…


Unplayable - 20 Min que wait 10 min gameplay CRASH 20 Min que wait… I will probably be asking for my money back…

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If you would have bothered to pay any attention at all to Blizzards behavior over many years, you would know they have lied through their teeth on numerous occasion, not excluding this very title. And many of us assume at this point, that this is a lie as well.

Agree. I can accept the queue as a temporary solution, but I still get disconnects after 10 - 20 minutes of playtime and as consequence have to wait in queue again. This sucks!

Blizzard remove the queue after the game crashes pls.