Queue lines - what is going on

Daily reminder that Blizzard is a joke of a company that only cares about money and not its customers. Another day, another long queue rendering the game unplayable for hours.

Seriously, how is this game still being sold? How is there not a class action lawsuit yet? How does blizzard get away with not even responding to related comments across multiple platforms like here and Twitter?


This is now the 2nd morning in a row I’ve been stuck in queue lines that don’t even move. It seems there’s not a single day I can play this game without there being some kind of issue. We’re sick of your BS Blizzard, either fix the game or give your player base an option for a refund!


I decided to wait a bit after how terrible the launch was. Now that I’m coming back, its still a trashfire! The game crashed like 3 times on me within 2 hours, and now this. Blizzard, come on. This literally might be the last product I ever buy from y’all.

Sad times. Followed this company since the days of D1, was even an employee for a while. Was convinced the proclamations of it’s death were exaggerated. Then I bought this product out of sheer nostalgia, knowing but not caring about it being overpriced. You’d think the money saved on actual development could go into operations and support, but no.

At a point in my life where I can’t queue for hours and play when Blizzard lets me play. This game is literally useless to me who only has 30-60min to play at any given time.



Finished act1 Hell, the game crashed… Queue 495… Will not be going in the Act 2 any time soon…

I have been looking into this issue. I have all the same issues trying to log in. I just came across a blizzard response regarding the server issues. In the article I came across this: : " To diagnose and address them swiftly, we need to make sure the “herding”–large numbers of players logging in simultaneously–stops. To address this, we have people working on a login queue, much like you may have experienced in World of Warcraft. This will keep the population at the safe level we have at the time, so we can monitor where the system is straining and address it before it brings the game down completely. Each time we fix a strain, we’ll be able to increase the population caps."

So in summation it seems that Blizzard is capping how many players can be online, queueing everyone else, then dropping you and sending you to the back of the line if your turn comes to log in and there is already the capped number of players online. Such is my theory anyways. Link to the Blizzard response here. Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward

Yes, and when they say 256 in waiting queue it is probably means 256000. Where the text is borderline and open to interpretation is, is it logging rates limit which is throttle or is it the number of players logged in at a point in time…

Just waited in a queue from 415 down to 0 it took 1 hour 35 mins, as soon as it hit 0 it loaded me to offline. Now I’m back in queue at 488. That is ridiculous. Add to that, when I started logging in the first time, my wife started her login 10 mins after me, and still got in first, not sure how that’s possible in a queue. Care to shed some light on this disaster of a “temporary” fix Blizzard? Or should I say Activision? The Blizzard I know had great customer service, and actual real live people when you called.

In my 3rd queue this morning because of issues connecting / dropping into offline characters. Been waiting 3 hours already, now 524 in queue.

stuck in the queue again… because my client crashed doing baal waves. game is buggy af

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I have been logging into offline, and switching to online from character screen. Seems to have fixed being dumped into offline from queue. Hope this helps.

Same. First it kicked me to the offline screen, so I had to re-enter queue, then it said “Cannot Connect To Server” and I had to restart and go in again. 463 in queue right now. 3 hours+ waiting

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They are, They have been, and they will continue to do so regardless of the issue

It is surely endless.
I tried to log in, I’ve waited the queue line out, it was around 50minutes, and then it drops me back to offline.
I gave 3 chances for it - like in the fairy tales but in this tale, it did not got a happy ending…

I loved this game 20 years ago, and I still love it, but this connection and server issue is unacceptable.

Btw. my offline character’s name is ShameOnBlizzard.

*Also, after the last patch I’ve got crashes again.

same problem here. Did not find a solution yet but today I think I will reinstall the game. maybe it helps, but so many people talking about this issue, that I think it is not a local problem on your or my computer.

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I’m 507 in que. Is this realistic for a game? I’d simply like some information from Blizzard, just as to when they expect the issue(s) to be resolved, will they remove the que system? If they are keeping the que system, Will they make a commitment to try to ensure it is not above a certain threshold? And what timeline?
I think at a minimum, they owe paying customers communication. Should I be asking playstation and nintendo for refunds? Or are they going to tell me an approximate date I can expect a fix, and what a fix looks like.
My entire point being, we just need some information if thely expect patience from their customer base, while they work to resolve their issues.
Treating your customers like mushrooms by feeding them crap and keeping them in the dark ensures they won’t come back.

Also, I just wanted to point out that since this game is super old, the majority of their customer base isn’t new gamers. New people aren’t picking up a 15 year old game. It’s mostly people that played it originally. So this customer base that isn’t kids and teenagers anymore; are now all adults. These customers have kids and jobs and are a different customer baee then they were 15 years ago; so they can’t sit around when they have time to play waiting. Many of us have maybe an hour or two here and there; and if it’s just waiting in line; then there isn’t any game to play.

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Started at 374 at 8:50am EST. It is now 10:11am EST and I am at 140 in the queue.

When I left my house and let it sit in queue yesterday for 3 hours, I came home to an offline screen, clicked online play and was put back into queue at number 185.

Blizzard, what is your solution?


Stop playing. That is their Solution.

Sorry, I feel for you, I am in the same boat.

The Queue times during morning EST are LONGER than I am able to play EVERY DAY!


Bad for them to keep selling copies.

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2 hour queue for me that started at 358, resulted in “failed to authenticate”, now a new queue of 509. this is pretty pathetic.

I’ve been sitting in que all weekend. Only free time I have and can’t play my game. Cain is in the wrong spot in a5. Eth armors don’t get defense bonus when cube rolled for sockets. I’m a little disappointed and now I can’t even play the damn thing.