Question on attack rating on kicksin

made a kicksin for the first time and my attack rating on sheet is only 6777. i keep reading tha it is in the 10k+. i followed the cookie cutter build. is it like grief where it doesn’t show or am i doing something worng?


it might be best if you make your character in D2planner:
it might help answer a lot of your questions too :slight_smile:

But no, the attack rating bonus from Dragon Talon is correctly displayed in the stats sheet, what you see is what your AR is. If you want, you could start stacking AR charms, and since you’re using kicks, you can just stack plain AR charms since max dmg doesn’t benefit kicks. You can also use Cloak of Shadows to drop their defense for a higher chance to hit.
Does not apply the following:

Weapon’s Enhanced Damage
Minimum Damage
Maximum Damage (charms)
Damage + (grief)
% Damage to Demons
% Damage to Undead
Claw Mastery
Critical Strike
Deadly Strike

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thank you very much for the info!!!

Get hsarus belt boot combo and upgrade them on ladder! You will not regret it.