PTR2.6Feedback: Make the 8 New Rune Words as Endgame Choices

We see this in the PTR details:

We are testing eight new Rune Words with the desire of spicing up the Ladder meta and giving players additional tools to bring new builds to life.

Do you really think they 8 new Rune Words are attractive enough?

This is the 3rd Season! These mid-game rune words have no ability to attract any new players or existing players to be online!

Let’s be bold and make some brand new changes for the post-game!

Below are some examples as suggestion, but I really think about them for a week.

  1. First of all: Remove Sundering Charms. Then make the 5 defence helm rune words as below (suggest renaming them as well):

Add Sunder Enemy Physical Immunity
Add Reduce 75% Curse Lasting Time
Need Gul or above Rune.

Add Sunder Enemy Poison Immunity
Add +3 poison Skill.
Need Gul or above Rune.

Add Sunder Enemy Lightning Immunity
Add +3 lightning Skill.
Need Gul or above Rune.

Add Sunder Enemy Cold Immunity
Add +3 Cold Skill.
Need Gul or above Rune.

Add Sunder Enemy Fire Immunity
Add +3 Fire Skill.
Need Gul or above Rune.

  1. Hustle Changes:
    Need Ber or above Rune.

For weapon: it’s a pretty interesting pre-buff idea. Just turnup the ED to fit the rare runes.

For Ammo: add +1 to amplify damage.
It would be a critical trade of for Physical Characters.
They have to make a difficult choice from the new Runeword / Enigma /Fortitude. Damage? Tele? Survive?

  1. Metamorphosis: Just make all skill available in human form.

  1. Mosaic:
    I’m a core MA sin player.
    So, I have submitted some pre-condition here:

Then, Let’s focus on this rune word.
To make a post-game rune word, suggest it use Cham+Zod+Eth or any rare runes.

Base: All melee weapon, not only claw.

Level 3-6 conviction aura when equipped
Unique Effect: Melee attack cannot be blocked
+2 to all skill
+40% Increased Attack Speed
+250-350% Enhanced Damage
7% life Stolen per hit
-50% target defence
Freeze Enemy +3

It will resolve the MA assassin pain point:
Charge moves is often blocked by enemy like Baal, Diablo or any mobs with shield;
Need -target Resist and - defence to increase the DPS.

And it would be a very attractive option for Act3/5 Merc as well.


Especially like the helmets!

+1 amp to Hustle in armor is an excellent idea.

Support it.