PTR 2.4 Ladder | Developer Update Thread

Tune in here for updates on the PTR 2.4 Ladder. Future updates beyond this post will be shared as a new reply to help everyone tune in for the latest and greatest. We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that this information is helpful in your testing experience!

For a deep dive into the latest content updates check the links below:

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Getting Started

  • With this PTR, the new Ladder Rune Words are now restricted to being created only in Ladder games and cannot be created in normal online play like they could in the previous PTR.

  • Character data from the previous PTR has been wiped and templates have been refreshed. Character templates are identical to how it was in the previous PTR so that you can still test our balance changes outside of Ladder play. This means you have 5 non-template character slots for use in Ladder testing.

  • If you want to test more than 5 Ladder characters, you can delete one of the character templates and create a new character to fill its slot. As long as you do this without restarting the game the new character will take its place and prevent the template from re-downloading in subsequent sessions.

  • We plan to test Ladder season rollovers within this PTR testing phase. This means we will be testing the functionality how seasons complete and transition to the next.

PTR 2.4 Ladder | Known Issues

  • When we test rollovers from Season 1 to Season 2, there is currently an issue that causes all active online games created during “Season 1” to become locked prohibiting players from joining, and only new games can then be joined. Our intent is to resolve this by the time Season 2 begins such that only Ladder games are blocked from joining, rather than all online games
  • Civerb’s Vestments and Cow King’s Leathers are not properly applying their set defense bonuses
  • We are currently looking into the new level 85 maps and planning on updating Unique Monster density. For now, Underground Passage Level 2, Stony Tomb Level 2, Abaddon, and Pit of Acheron have been updated accordingly.
  • The Act 5 Dual Wield Mercenary off-hand damage is displaying incorrectly as the main hand damage value. The damage is being correctly applied, the issue is only in the UI

3/2 | PTR 2.4 Update is now live - Balance content is now live for testing. Ladder will be launching later today and can be tracked with the timer that is currently live in-game.


PTR is Ending Soon


PTR 2.4 Ladder testing will conclude on 3/9 2022-03-09T18:00:00Z PT. This will lead into the PTR shut down shortly after.

We would take this time to give a big thanks for all those testing, reporting, and sharing feedback throughout the PTR’s. So much of what we’ve learned during the PTR’s wouldn’t have been made possible without the community.

Please stay tuned for further updates as we get ready for our official Patch 2.4 release and Ladder launch!


PTR 2.4 Has Ended


The PTR ladder testing has officially concluded and our team is currently running through the shutdown process. Our PTR Feedback/Bug forum sections will remain open for a while longer to gather any additional notes you would like to share.

Thanks again and stay tuned for more news on the official release of Patch 2.4 and Ladder!