Position in queue not moving

The queue counter does not update in real time. I went from 190, to 80 to IN. They mention it in the patchnotes.

We should note that the higher your queue number appears, the slower the number will refresh in the prompt. The number is still refreshing in the background, so we do not recommend leaving queue as this will create further delays to you entering the game during these high traffic windows.


got in after 30 minutes from position 266. super ultra laggy and then dced me after a few mins.

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This queue thing is a joke and should of never been allowed/implemented.


The game is probably locked up. Has been happening to me all morning.

Really 30 minute queue to get into a game which crashes for me randomly after 30-45 min of playing? This seems very off. I’ve never seen this kind of queue time in D3.


Would you prefer the servers/database crashing every day for 4-5 hours instead? Nobody plays at all then. That happened every day from last Saturday to this Friday. Today we have a queue instead of a crash.

You can read about what is going on with the Database architecture and issues if you wish. While they work on that, there is a queue.


If you really prefer they take away the queue and go back to server down, I guess they could do that.


I just spend 30 minutes at 300 in queue to get to the character screen and NOW it says I’m 345 in line again AT the character screen. WTH Blizzard???

The only time I have seen it is when we have a new PTR patch. The PTR is Global and everyone who wants in has to use that same one. Queues can be hours and hours long up in the thousands of players on those days.

Live game though, no. D3 does not have queues. It also has separate Regions instead of a Global database/save structure. Saves are totally separate between Regions on diff databases.

anyone know if there is another queue to create games? wondering if i want to farm a full game once im in or not.

This que system is for the birds.



I feel like Bliz could monetize this and sell “Fast Passes” to jump the queue for $39.99/month or something!


does that mean you have to requeue everytime u want to switch characters?

yep, I got in after a 20min wait killed andy then was kicked now in queue for the last 15min.

I am in a queue and it does update for me. I started at 147 and it has now updated to 70 in about 5mins.

the servers are probably at capacity and more than half could be bots. who knows.

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At 366 it took us a good half hour to get in.

seriously stop complaining and just stop playing this game…


apparently it only updates every so often. i was like 170 for 15 mins, then it was 120.

I think birds might take offence.

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