Poison Necro Questions

Hey All, I have some questions about poison necro that it would be nice to get some opinions of from players who have played D2R longer than I have.

What are your thoughts on Plague runeword? I was considering making a plague fanged knife because I havent been able to find anyone trading Deaths web on ladder SC. My thoughts are to be able to use poison dagger on the pri.ary target and spam poison novas to surrounding enemies from the on proc. I would also forego investing points into lower resist (or curses at all) and instead pump skeleton mastery for hybrid summoner of sorts.

My current gear:
Perfect spirit shield
Perfect enigma
2x soj, arach, trangs
Perfect marrow walks
Perfect maras
Perfect poison sunder
Shako (will swap to 2-20-2 faceted circ)
I also have a white wand (1 fire golem/3 lower resist/3 poison nova base).

Would Plague with the current setup be a significant loss over deaths web? Anyone have experience testing both? Its hard to find information on the web regarding this.

Better find yourself a Dweb. I used Plague on swap when I was bored and wanted to stab something. Also helps to get rid of curses. But Dweb is must have for poison necro. Otherwise you have to use Trang belt and wing for -25% to enemy psn res.

The cleansing aura was a huge draw to considering plague as well. I was trying to justify its use over Dweb - saving 6 points in the curse tree, stronger minions, huge cleansing and virtual poison immunity… but i guess it cant compete with the extra 2 to skills and -27 resists (-33 faceted with +5% psn dmg). Don’t really need lower resists with Dweb either from what I’ve heard.

Plauge will never beat D-Web in a head to head, is it an option if you can’t get D-Web? Maybe, but for the rune cost you can probably just trade a D-web. I traded for mine for a lot less than a Cham.

Also PDagger will never be an option when you are using Nova. The highest tick damage per ‘frame’ will overwrite any other poison damage, Nova has the highest per frame damage out there. Thus if you run up, stab something with PDagger, then nova, Nova just overwrote your Pdagger damage. You are better off just sitting back and casting Nova every two seconds.

You still want LR, as this allows you to kill off most Poison Immune. You break the Immunity with LR, then D-Web and 3Piece Trang drop the resistance enough to do damage. That is in theory, in reality your merc will drop something then you just CE it. On the real side D-Web and 3-piece Trang give -75 to poison resistance. A monster that has 50 poison resists will then be a -25 poison resists. As you can get the monster to -100 poison resists you still want to use LR if things aren’t dying fast enough.

‘Hybrid summoner’ The skellies aren’t going to do much for you, just be bodies floating around. What I did on my last one was get 1 pt in Revives, use a Thorns merc and Fire Golems. The Fire Golem always gets agro. As a Summonable they also take 4x damage from Bosses. For a Diablo fight, I would cast a fire golem in his face, amp him and after he attacked it four times he was dead.

There is also Cure if you want cleansing, it’s not as strong as Plague but it still helps.

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Thank you so much, i needed that kind of explanation on how it would work and it answers my question perfectly. Ill aim for Dweb - however after posting multiple games, the only person to join with Dweb, wanted 12 Jahs (currently out of my price range).

I can’t remember exactly what I paid, I think it was less than an Ohm. There is a chance I paid a Ber for it because that was the season I found three Ber…good season.

That was HC Ladder.

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I just shat a perfect turd!!

I am unimpressed with your bragging.