Poison creeper/frame rate

Poison creeper causing huge frame rate issues, down from 144fps+ to under 30fps when poison creeper is being used in Act 4. Any possibility of addressing this issue before S3? As poison creeper is quite an effective and commonly used skill for running through normal difficulty


Having the same issue.

Not just Act 4. I’m not using a power gaming PC that can handle D2R at 144 fps. Its normally ~60 fps (icy and travi a bit lower).
Whenever the Poison Creeper puts his stuff on the ground, my fps drops hard in any act :slight_smile:
Using dynamic resolution to have at least 40 fps but with this Creeper the screen gets extremely blury and still ~10 fps.

Asia server is using this technique to drop games all the time…

Druid with summons and your game goes drop~~