Pls keep non-ladder unaffected

I do not know what blizzard have in mind but i propose the following

All new 2.4 changes effect ladder-only.
Non-ladder keeps the old formula for now.

Lets not rush into destroying the gameplay that kept the game running for 20 years. This way everyone gets what he wants.

No, 20 characters req

Very definitely no. Changes for all.


To be honest i do not think the promise that was given as selling point is being kept.

“classic gameplay same diablo II you know and love preserved”

I am not in “love” with it, or hardcore anti-change but i certainly like the old gameplay preserved in some form or isolated category for those who do not want proceed with the new game.

I have this feeling, once you open the pandora box of changes every patch will be a disappointment. The first one is already a disappointment for me. “not reinventing the wheel” ye right. Where do i get this feeling from ? Experience with blizzard. Look for example what they did with SC2, i remember when the game was still popular, played by many and hoping with every patch for things to get better, not only they did not get better, it was the opposite direction everytime, blizzard refused to listen to any quality feedback (not from me, i did not give much feedback) but would listen to strange posters and their ridiculous non-sense, it was as if the devs were masquerading as those posters and then pretending to “listen to the community”. So forgive me for my pessimism but i already have experience with this.

Very few play sc2 today, many of the players were completely disenfranchised. Will D2R follow suit ? As a start it seems like the devs already broke their promises.

Whether the new D2R product will be a success or not, i do not know. The direction is taken and its a gamble. Maybe if i like it i could try it. I only ask for the option for me and others like-minded players, to keep our characters and the old gameplay, in its own category.

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This is why I spoke about making 3 main realms not including HC or ladder before release. Classic d2, classic LOD, then a D2R mode which contained a lot more changes. Because even now there are really rough points of LOD I want ironed out, like adding a charm inv. But I don’t want to alienate people who want to play the classic LOD or D2 experience.

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Thx for the support.

Original/Exp/R categories and their subcategories will be ideal.

I would like to keep my current characters on “exp”.

There are many creative things that can be done with R, why not ?

You also like to play whit dead stuff. Interesting.