Please take care of classic diablo 2 server problem about a cubing bug in the old version item

Classic Diablo II Asia Standard Server is out of order due to a cubing bug in the old version item.

People abuse this maliciously and the problem is that the server goes down.

You do not yet understand what is happening. Botters deliberately crash the server so they can get multiples of whatever items they want to duplicate. They will never stop because it would hurt their profits.

Bots have existed for decades and they have not created the recent problem. This problem specifically occurred due to the abuse of cubing bug (that was introduced by a Youtuber) and people intentionally use this method to crash server.

That is what I told you. Botters deliberately crash the servers to create a profit for themselves. You are collateral damage and the botters do not care. Stop the botters and stop the server crashes. Nobody stopping you–except you.

You’re just a guess, too
What we want is
If it is an old game and you are likely to neglect management, it is better to terminate the service or solve the problem.

Game service termination is better than bug abuse by crazy users.

Finally, if you are not a Blizzard official, don’t interrupt. We need people to confront the problem.

YOU are the problem. YOU do not understand how the industry works.

D1 and D2 are old games. They only exist online because the terms of their sales agreement (you DID read them, correct?) state they WILL be essentially permanently playable online. Thus, they must be available online until that is no longer possible. Whether anyone uses or plays those game is irrelevant. I still have D1 and can play it online–if I choose to do so. Thus, your inability to comprehend what Blizzard is required to do is clearly shown in your posts.

Let’s not get too serious about this and start an argument for no reason. All people are asking is that

  1. There is a bug that crashes the entire server - OK fine, bugs can happen to any product.
  2. Of course, people want these bugs to be fixed - there’s no problem with that either, as a user, you can/want to request bugs to be fixed.
  3. Unfortunately, there has not been any feedback for years and people are simply trying to see what’s going on - nothing wrong with this either, you don’t expect people will just be quiet when there is a blocking bug, regardless of ToC or whatever, they are still users of this game and have paid for it so they can of course request bugs to be fixed. This is a shared forum and people can post whatever they need. If anyone does not want to see people complaining, then don’t look at their post.

Are you saying I don’t understand?
Don’t be ridiculous.
I just want Blizzard to be honest.
Whatever the reason, I want blizzard to tell us whether it is impossible or not.

It’s because I still don’t want to give false hope to all users of legacy Diablo II.

That way, won’t you be able to trust Blizzard games in the future?

If it’s a company that throws away old games, if it’s a company that throws away users who only want minimal care, there’s no need to play Blizzard games.

ALL companies throw away old games–and sell new ones to generate revenue. You know, like CARS, BICYCLES, and so on. Or people could pay a monthly fee to keep the old games running. Would you? How much per month, and for how long? There are not many D2/LOD players any more. I see it every day.