Please stop punishing and discriminating non-ladder players

Okay but then the next non-ladder player is going to be complaining about the special buff and how it should be for non-ladder too. You can do this with any kind of enticement. The current enticement just happens to be what you want to play. You should just play ladder then.

You might have a good point. I’ll have to think about it more

The whole post was about ladder exclusive rw for ladder player, which by itself meet your second critiria

As for the terror zone, there’s 0 indications it will be ladder only. The only thing it said was

" As we get into details, please note that players can choose to opt-out of Terror Zones if desired."

Until it is proven to be ladder exclusive feature, I do not think you can complain about it being “ladder exclusive”

didnt pez say it was going to be ladder only in a post a few days ago?

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Mind share the link please?

Hes talking about peoples request for terror zones to be added to Single Player. It still states its to be a season 2 ladder feature. So I assume, that means NL isnt getting it till after the season. Most likely if NL gets it, SP will get it too imo.

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Thank you.

It does seem to be ladder only…while they compare it with ladder vs single player instead of online vs offline seems a bit odd to me…Nonetheless. Guess more incentive for people to play ladder…or not, since many people here claimed that they don’t care about rushing to 99 anyways~ or they wouldn’t have the time to play terror zone since they are that busy already


its a whole new lvl of “feature” for ladder

an exclusive mechanic was the last thing OP needed to prove his point

with this, its clear that blizz wants to reward those who play the ladder as much as she wants to punish anyone for not playing it

willing to reward still does not equal to punishing others. Unless Blizzard intentionally prevents a certain group of player to play ladder. There is no punishment involved

Just because you feel butthurt over your own decision doesn’t mean others are harming you.

give sprinter shoes to some and make others run barefoot

i dont know how you came to such a distorted interpretation of my thoughts on this
i dont feel “butthurt” bc of my decision, im fine with my decision as i was fine with not lvling up my chars before the announcement of TZs
my problem is with the fact, fact bc now its clearly like night and day, that im a second grade player

as i said, an exclusive mechanic is something completely new in d2, its a whole new lvl


(Body not clear)

I beg your pardon but I’m pretty sure the vast majority of people really do not care. See those 17 (subject to change) up votes you got? Those are from a very very small portion of the active playerbase. Those millions of people playing that don’t come to the forums to participate in the cesspool some call “feedback” are most definitely mostly satisfied with the game.

Take a look at Path of Exile too. You don’t see anyone complaining up storms that they’re being… discriminated against because only each new league has all of the new goodies it comes with.

Chill out. Relax. Have a drink (responsibly… or not, I’m not yer mum) and focus on the good things in life.

Yes. The good things. Like shako. And high rune.

Ahhhhh…… gg loot

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mmm… Shako delicious.

i dont know how PoE is in regards to its ladder content
but take a look at d3, his season always had exclusive mechanics, always
so it makes no sense for people to feel punished since it has always been like this, however in d2 things were different, ladder never had an exclusive mechanic, it had parts of some mechanics as exclusive but not a whole mechanic
TZs are a mechanic that comes to supply a need that is not exclusive to the ladder

in my eyes, non-ladder solo only player, it is very difficult to find anything good in what has been presented

You should have a look at the poll I posted, it shows a absolute clear trend and your self estimated view is complete wrong.

Actually, your poll is an extreme small portion, lol. Those are but a micro’s worth of a drop in the ocean. Again, the active playerbase that doesn’t talk on the forums absolutely dwarf the vocal minority here.

But feel free to deny the truth.

Just take a look at how many people have bought D2R. Then take a look at how many people actively post here. Then take a look at the most controversial topics posted here and see how many likes they have (hint, they have less than 200).

It doesn’t take rocket science to know what I talk about.

Anyhow, enjoy your stay at Hotel Resurrected!

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You have no evidence in anything you’re talking, but I do.

You’re just guessing what you think what it is, based on your own thoughts, that’s all. You don’t know anything.

But I do have the proof of it and even if it’s just a hand full, because the butt hurt ladder players do down vote it, while others don’t care and don’t vote at all for the post to have it stay recent, does the poll itself, show a clear trend, which can be exaggerated.

More than half of all votes want a end of ladder exclusive content. A bit less than half of all votes, don’t care about it and only 5% don’t want ladder stuff in non-ladder.

It’s undeniable, unless your complete unfounded opinion.

And that’s all what you’re giving here, a simple opinion, nothing more. Not even the slightest evidence.

I mean, you can write again a wall of text about your opinion on how many players do want it that way and what not, but it will stay a unfounded opinion, nothing more.

Lol, I mean sure, you can argue that because you have evidence that 5 children wanted a cherry flavored popsicle that surely that means that it’s the most popular flavor.

The problem here is your sample size is way too small to make any reasonable justification.

I’ve had this discussion with several really active users here over the course of the last two-ish years here and they offered a much stronger stance via polls and voting than what you’re presenting me. Their arguments included polls that had thousands to tens of thousands of votes to them - but at the end of the day, it was still but a small sample of the actual active playerbase.

I’m not sure what you expect to accomplish with your homebrew statistics and throwing them at us and Blizzard, expecting something to come of it. Blizzard is simply going to refer to the polls that they held in regards to whatever it is you’re talking about. The wiser of the folks on these forums will also do the same as we’ve had 2 years or so to debate this topic to death, and then beat it some more.

So… On the subject of “not having evidence”, again, I implore you to look at the statistics that I mentioned. They might not be tangible enough for you because they’re not presently proactive posters on these forums but I assure you in its entirety that the amount of users posting here mean nothing… and sadly, mean nothing to Blizzard in the long run. What Blizzard cares about are the masses, which include Reddit, Youtube, Twitch, the game itself.

Those of us here are just a very loud vocal minority and will remain as such, making little to no impact on the game’s decisions on our own merit.

If you want to have a lasting impact and effect change, you need to take a much more grand approach and do what them there crazy Yootoob influencers do and make a ruckus. That is what stirs the hearts of those that are silent, with their refusal to post here.

aaa… toriaezu~… kyou no ohanashi wa oshimai~


Not going to read this.

I know your opinion.

It’s a opinion, but nothing more.
You surely can have your opinion, but there is nothing you can do to lessen my facts and proof.

My proof is standing ahead your opinion and you can’t do anything against it.

I have the high ground. You just burn yourself.