Please fix queuing for console players

I have two licenses - for PS5 and for PC and play mostly on PS5, its much faster and interface is more enjoyable. Queue system does work for PC, in spite of length of 200+ people. It takes time (~20 min) to login but at least it works. The client crashes from to time though. For PS5 version login connection just times out (within a minute or two) and there is no sign of any queue. So you basically will never be able to login in high load period, which taking into account PC queue sizes are all the time.

Looks like we are this is no going to be resolved before next patch arrieves:

Continuing the discussion from Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward:

!!!Dear console players, please reply to this tread to keep it up to bring to attention of blizzard staff


Yes they are basically cutting off console access to give PC gamers more capacity.


Same stuff different day. Have a feeling console players are screwed for the day.


Also a console player and I cant connect to battlenet on my PS5 anymore, works on PC though even though I need to que for it.

If they really cut access to the game for console players in favour of PC gamers… this is the last game I ever buy from them… doing that would be such a low thing to do… they have money for more servers, dont try to convince me thats not the case…

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Feels like it’s the first time they try to code a game. How can you implement a queue in the backend but forget about implementing it on one of the clients. Ridiculous.


They fixed the pc experience by removing consoles completely.

Big brain move that might open them up to lawsuits outside of the us tbh


A patch is incoming next week that will advise where we are in the queue…at the moment you cannot tell.

I hope its not their intention, just some mistake

next week? so my and my gf wont be able to play by this weekend? (PS players)

Not only can we not tell, we also get timed out so if our position in queue is > 5 or so we cannot log in

looks like the clue is in the bluepost

Continuing the discussion from Diablo II: Resurrected Outages: An explanation, how we’ve been working on it, and how we’re moving forward:

This is bull S, blizzard doesn t even communicate about it, that is so disrespectfull for all console players.
On top of that they always have to do this over the weekends and in the evening when only one wants to relax on his childhood favorite video game… Shame. Blizzard is not what it used to be.

playing PS4 here, don’t think their staffs give a shet about us.

I am requesting for a refund and preparing for a long argument with them

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Same here. EU PS5 hasnt been working since 15/10…

Interesting How they choose to actually remove the possibility to play on. WEEKEND!? Talk about pouring gasoline on fire :joy:

Instead of queues which is a terrible solution I’d rather be able to play locally, if implementing is taking this long already anyway. It’s been 4 weeks already with no solution is sight.

This totally sucks, but ppl dont seem to understand… They rushed out a temp “fix” to the daily server crashes with these ques on PC. They are implementing the same thing to console, however console versions taking longer due to having to go through Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo first. With the timing of this, potentially this is causing Monday as potential earliest consoles can get the patch. So, due to the patch being on PC but not console, and from what I can tell seems to be that both PC and Console use at least the same core global database, but it is updated to a different version, while we are not. It is like if you didn’t download a new update for any game, you wouldn’t be able to play it online. This case, we just haven’t got the update, and due to how things are structured, the PC and Console versions must be the “same version” to be compatible.

Now why not just wait to put patch on PC same time consoles do get it to avoid this issue? Well because they have a big server issue they are trying to work out, and they knew if they didn’t do something, that daily server crashes and roll backs would still be happening. Though I do not know of the roll backs effecting console players.

Anyways, I think they could of handled this differently. Maybe waited on the PC patch to come same or close to same time as consoles, while having scheduled “maintenance” daily for a couple hours to roll back or whatever needed to keep servers from crashing. If it really is due to volume of games being made, at least partially, then idk maybe not forcing everyone online to play almost solo could help. no?