Please Enable Claw for Rune Word "Lawbringer" and "Crescent Moon"

Maybe. But it should not take x high rines to have a skill being “decent”.

Compare that to a fire sorc or fire druid lol.
btw: the fire bow-zon is the same, It is just so bad.


Agreed, really really need more claw runewords.
Make the new claw runeword +2 ALL Assassin skills. Not just martial arts, we have Jade talon that is martial arts only and no one uses it, unless they need the resists. But they usually just use a Storm Shield for the damage reduction. Kinda necessary for melee builds.
I don’t see them “fixing” Assassins. They broke them on purpose.

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Yeah i agree, it shouldn’t be necessary, but i bet it is:/

It would be such an easy change, to make those 2 runewords able to be build into claws, and they would get some happy assassin players with this change. I would be very excited about to play a claw of thunder assassin with 2 crescent moon claws

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I’d also suggest Black runeword to be allowed for Claws - very good midgame to lategame tool, which will help boss killing with assassin because of the crushing blow.


Agreed. We need more runewords in claws!


Same, I enjoy fire builds and sunders have made them possible, but without end game gear still dead in the water.

I’ve found with the fists of fire, claws of thunder and blades of ice since they are tied to claws it can be very difficult to reduce enemy resistances down so that they are viable.

Claws of thunder on lower players count is ok, crescent moon in claws would really make this shine as previously mention and would help with the play through for MA assassins.

Fists of fire just doesn’t do enough damage with the amount fire immunes in the game and there are no items to bring them down outside of flickering flame. It would take a huge buff to make this skill viable. Better off going tigertail if you want to run a fire build at present which then allows you take advantage of fire resistance lowering items such as HOJ, phoenix, etc. It also has its own dramas with having to bypass two different resistances but it works even with some lower tier gear. (Aware you can go single claw but then you lose the benefit of the double charge up).

Blades of Ice is the same although doesn’t suffer with immunes quite as much as fists of fire so plays better but the problem is still there.

We need these two runewords in claws plus some adjustments to the unique claws which are largely unused. If they tied some mins enemy resistances to each of the unique claws it would bring a lot variety to the MA builds.

Come on, devs! Assassins need more options and solid buffs. It would be a crime if their power level is again in the bottom of the charts for the new seasons.

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Agreed, and while your at it, please expand a few more runewords to further fuel build diversity…